The City of Naga Boardwalk: The Land of Lights and Lanterns

Shining Christmas lanterns at City of Naga Boardwalk

The City of Naga Boardwalk is a great hangout place during the holiday season, with many lights and lanterns hanging on the trees.

The City of Naga in Southern Cebu is famous for the Dagitab Festival, the Festival of Lights, celebrated during the Christmas season. During this celebration, dancers from all around the city dance to upbeat music and use lights of different hues and shades to make their performances memorable. December is the month where Nagahanons really shine, especially at the City of Naga Boardwalk, which is the go-to hangout spot for anyone in the city. Indeed, this is the home of one of Cebu’s finest Christmas displays.

The City of Naga Boardwalk is filled with bright lanterns hung on multiple trees at the park.


The Boardwalk is one of the many great Southern Cebu destinations. It is home to some of Naga’s most popular landmarks. From its big gym filled with aspiring badminton professionals to its many stalls of delicious street food and delicacies, there are endless possibilities for a great time. You might even want a beautiful walk by the sea when you step foot at the Naga Baywalk, an elevated platform above water, perfect for your impromptu photoshoots. The boardwalk is also one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Cebu.

When December starts, it becomes a different place entirely as the holiday rolls around. Here you will find a surplus of the famous Christmas parol, a centerpiece in many Christmas house decorations in the Philippines. At the City of Naga Boardwalk, almost all the trees, barriers, and walls are covered with Christmas lanterns, lighting up the place with a grandiose ambiance.

The facade of the gym near the City of Naga Boardwalk is filled with lanterns of all shapes and sizes.

The facade of their gym has a stash of lanterns hung precisely and symmetrically. The trees have lanterns of many sizes, shapes, and colors that make your experience of visiting one of the brightest tourist spots in Cebu more worthwhile. You’re going to love taking photos below the bright lights and staring in awe at the beautiful designs.

There is an open space in the City of Naga Boardwalk where you can relax.

But what if you get tired? Well, the Naga Plaza has an open space for those who just want to squat in the grass and stare at the calm cool sky. Expect to be in the company of many other tourists, although the large area gives more than ample space for you to run around.

In this open space, you can also witness the Nagahanons’ artistry as they create images and makeshift grottos depicting the nativity scene. This is a great place for those who love to engage in Do-It-Yourself activities since a lot of these images are made up of many reused materials. This adds more flavor and character to the area.

Baywalk at night

One of the biggest attractions in the City of Naga Boardwalk is the Baywalk where you can have a lovely stroll by the sea.

Of course, you have the Baywalk, a great place for those who want to take a walk by the sea. During nighttime, the area is lit by beautiful Christmas lights, giving its visitors a unique sensation. The place usually has many visitors flocking around during the afternoon, and many people just sit down to relax after a hard day’s work. You can stay here and wait for the sun to set to get a wonderful view of the sea.

You can say that the City of Naga Boardwalk is the city’s version of a nature park where you can just sit down and have a good time, breathing in fresh air and taking part in many activities. Unlike other parks in neighboring cities, the Baywalk differs in overall size and the many things that you can do during your stay.

There are a lot of stalls and restaurants if you want to eat something good. The park also offers food of different kinds and different price ranges. You can choose from a variety of fancy gourmet restaurants, famous fast food chains, or budget-friendly food stalls to fill your cravings when you get famished.

You may even think of this place as an ideal location for an intense workout. The space is big enough for you to jog multiple laps. Many people jog around the area, and some even ride their bikes around with friends and family. You can also play sports like basketball, volleyball, and badminton if you want to get competitive.

There are multiple options on how to go to Naga, Cebu. You may have to take multiple rides via public transport. One option is to take a MyBus in SM City Cebu or SM Seaside. This will take you to a drop-off point in Talisay City. From there, you can ride a jeepney going to Naga or other neighboring cities. Make sure that the tagboard in front of the jeepney says Naga since some of them will only stop in Minglanilla, a municipality before the City of Naga.

Cebu may have its Tree of Hope, one of the biggest Christmas trees in the city, but Naga also has its own designs to offer. The people of Naga definitely know how to light up the sky during the holiday season. The City of Naga Boardwalk is a place for those who want to relax during the holiday season. The number of Christmas parols they use will give you a great feel for the holidays as they are both inspiring and hopeful. The Christmas season shines bright in the city of lights, and you can bet that a visit here is one of the best things to do in the Philippines during Christmas.

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