Gabii sa Kabilin guests take photos in front of one of the many museums in Cebu.

Museums in Cebu Light up the Night | Gabii sa Kabilin

Cebuanos flocked to the museums of Cebu for the yearly heritage walk known as Gabii sa Kabilin. Gabii sa Kabilin is the perfect way to learn more about the history of Cebu. Every year, this heritage walk promotes some of the top landmarks and museums in Cebu by giving participants full access to their exhibits. Also known as GSK, this

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A Coffee Festival Brewed in Cebu

A Coffee Festival Brewed in Cebu | Espresso Sessions

The Espresso Sessions event featured some of the best baristas in Cebu. Cebuanos love their coffee. There are cafes everywhere, with people looking to get a cup of joe first thing in the morning or at any time of the day.  Local coffee shops produce hundreds of this popular beverage on a daily basis, even those located in far-flung areas

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Local delicacies sold during the R’ Cebu Expo for the Seventh District

Support Local Delicacies from the Seventh District of Cebu

The R’ Cebu Expo featured local delicacies from several towns in Cebu province. The seventh district of Cebu province consists of eight towns, located on the southwestern part of the island. Many of these places have notable tourist spots and recreational activities that have gained popularity worldwide. Their local delicacies are not as popular, however.  As you know, food is

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Dancers from Cebu province performing during the Pasigarbo sa Subgo street dance competition

Festivals in Cebu Province Gather for the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo

Several towns in Cebu Province gathered to celebrate the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo. Cebu Province has an assortment of local festivals that celebrate the food culture, the endemic plants and animals, and the general lifestyle of the people.  These festivals are celebrated through a number of cultural dances that give you a glimpse into what each town or municipality is known

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Signage of the Unveiled Art Exhibit featuring endemic animals in Cebu

Endemic Animals in Cebu Inspire the Unveiled Art Exhibit

The Unveiled Art Rush Exhibit featured artworks of popular endemic animals in Cebu. Like other parts of the Philippines, Cebu has its share of endemic animals. These creatures give the island personality and help travelers and visitors know what climate, land formations, and life forms are present on the island. Several cause-oriented groups have lobbied for the conservation of endemic

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Dancers perform with Cebu Province Governor Gwendolyn Garcia

R’ Cebu Expo Highlights the First District of Cebu Province

The R’ Cebu Expo featured some of the best local offerings in the first district of Cebu Province. The first district of Cebu province consists of the cities of Talisay, Naga, and Carcar, as well as the municipalities of Minglanilla, San Fernando, and Sibonga. These towns and cities are easily accessible locations on the island, as they are the first

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