Sparkling Holidays: The Top Christmas Destinations in Cebu

Cebu in December becomes a wonderland with the many Christmas displays and attractions that can be found in malls and other parts of the city.

Christmas is one of the most important holidays in the Philippines. It is when families and loved ones gather together and celebrate the season of giving. Christmas lights brighten up the evening and huge ornaments hang on the walls of every Filipino home. There are many Christmas destinations in Cebu that all turn into a wonderland for the public to see. From malls to parks, you will definitely feel the spirit of Christmas in the air.

Any of these holiday attractions are an ideal place to visit, whether during the day or at night. During the evening, the sky lights up with red, white, and green. You can expect a lot of Christmas decorations in many of the famous tourist spots in Cebu.

Some of these ideal attractions include the following:

Fuente Osmeña Tree of Hope

Arguably the most iconic Christmas tree in Cebu City, the Tree of Hope that is set up at the Fuente Osmeña Circle has always been a go-to place in Cebu in December. With its tall stature and beautiful design, the tree is as significant as the park itself. It has stood tall through the test of time for almost two decades.

The tree is a great attraction every December whenever you find yourself visiting Cebu, but this tall behemoth has been through even tougher times. In 2013, it toppled down after experiencing the winds brought about by a powerful typhoon. Luckily, the locals were able to put it back up again and continue the celebration.

Among the many things to do in Cebu is watching the Christmas light displays at various attractions.

The Christmas tree’s design is always different every year. The most recent design is made up of several lanterns that are hung around the tree. Among the many things to do in Cebu, you definitely should not miss out on visiting this iconic park. Food stalls are stationed in the area to cater to those who want to view the wonderful tree at night. Many people crowd the place during the day of its lighting as there is also a program set up with music and special performances.


Some people would do their Christmas shopping way before advent starts. Some malls even start setting up Christmas displays before the month of December. These beautiful creations remind the shoppers about the upcoming holiday season, as this is also a chance for them to get exciting gifts and presents for their loved ones.

Malls are indeed a go-to place for those who want to go grocery shopping for their Noche Buena, one of the biggest Filipino Christmas traditions where families have dinner together on Christmas Eve.

Malls like Ayala Center Cebu, SM City Cebu, and SM Seaside Cebu all have their own Christmas trees where shoppers and tourists can take pictures. They would also sometimes include a program and countdown to light up the trees to signal the start of the holidays.

At the Ayala mall, they have a Christmas light display at the Terraces which gives the area an incredibly festive look. Other malls with Christmas tree displays include SM City Consolacion, Robinsons Galleria, and Parkmall. Even one of the newer malls in the city, Ayala Central Bloc, has a Christmas display inside its premises.

Some stores like SM would put toys right next to the Christmas tree so that buyers can look for gifts for the children in their family. These items are usually on sale, some with even bigger discounts that you can avail only on Christmas day. So if you’re looking to get some presents for your loved ones, go and drop by your favorite shopping mall and enjoy the beautiful Christmas trees on display.

SM City Cebu Christmas display

SM City Cebu

Ayala Center Cebu Christmas tree

Ayala Center Cebu

Robinsons Galleria Christmas tree

Robinsons Galleria

Naga Boardwalk

In the south, the Naga Boardwalk is a great place for taking photos and hanging out during Christmas time. With its bright lights and wonderful attractions, this quiet Cebuano town has been referred to as the City of Lights, with its yearly program and festive activities that anyone can take part in.

Shining Christmas lanterns at City of Naga Boardwalk

The Naga City Boardwalk is a tourist spot in the South, perfect for those who are visiting Cebu in December.

Not only a contender for the best place to unwind in Cebu, the Boardwalk is also a go-to spot for anyone who wants to enjoy watching a spectacle of lights that will forever be remembered.

The walkway above the water is beautiful with its scenic view of the ocean shores. You will also appreciate the great light formations hanging along the trees.

The Naga City gym is filled with beautiful lights and parols that give the area a more festive vibe.

This tourist attraction in Naga is also famous for the many places you can go and have a good bite to eat. There is a food strip where you can buy delicious street food whenever you feel hungry.

Mandaue City Plaza

If you are living anywhere near Mandaue City, you might like the minimalist look of the designs that can be seen right in front of the City Hall. It features a semi circle-shaped dome that is covered with lights, along with its shining Christmas tree.

The Mandaue City Plaza is one of the many famous tourist spots in Cebu during Christmas time.

This is arguably one of the best places for photo aficionados because of the wonderful look of the lights at night. You will definitely enjoy taking photos of the place with its pleasing design that is reminiscent of an international tourist attraction.

Christmas destinations in Cebu wouldn’t be complete without a picturesque display like the brightly lit dome in Mandaue City Plaza.

Christmas is celebrated very early in the Philippines. In places like Cebu, you can already hear carollers as early as September. Organizers of the aforementioned attractions know this, and as a result, they want to make sure that their visitors have a great time during the holiday season.

Whether you are a tourist or a local, many Christmas destinations in Cebu will excite you for the season of giving. This is one of the jolliest and most cheerful holidays that everyone, even those who are in Cebu for vacation, look forward to. The whole city is filled with lights and beautiful scenery every time the calendar lands on its final sheet. One could say that Filipinos definitely know how to end the year with a bang.

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