Explore Aloguinsan Resort and Its Hidden White Sand Beach

A boy runs at the popular Aloguinsan resort, the Hidden Beach Resort

A child runs around the clear white sands of the Hidden Beach, a famous Aloguinsan tourist spot in Southern Cebu.

Looking for a great summer getaway?

As you might already know, resorts can be expensive, but luckily, there are a number of affordable beaches in Cebu that make it easier on the wallet.

The Hidden White Sand Beach is an Aloguinsan resort that has common features like fine white sands, clean waters, and a calm ambiance; all for a steal of an entrance fee at 50Php!

This Aloguinsan tourist spot is one of the best budget-oriented alternatives for expensive beach resorts. Lacking the pizzazz of its more premium competitors, it makes up for its secluded tranquility.

Coconut trees at the Hidden Beach Resort

No need to look for private resorts in Cebu. This secluded beach is enough to give you your much needed vacation getaway!

Undisturbed by development projects, the beach is completely one with nature. The long line of coconut trees transports you to a tropical island like those in remote locations.

The beach is completely covered with white sand. It’s photogenic and aesthetically pleasing, so make sure you have your cameras handy at this picturesque tourist spot.

Located at the edge of a cliff, it’s considered one of the many hidden beaches in Cebu. You will need to walk through a small garden, but it will take you less than a minute to get to the beach from the main entrance.

The long line of coconut trees adds to the appeal of this popular Aloguinsan resort.

Compared to the many other beaches of Cebu, there aren’t a lot of activities this resort has to offer, but its beach and killer price point definitely make it a place worth checking out.

Plus, the entrance fee is not the only budget-friendly feature, the amenities are also just as affordable.



  • 6 years old & below – FREE
  • 7-10 years old – P25
  • 11 years old and above – P50


Beach Amenities

  • Own Tent (with table) – P300
  • Rent Tent (with table) – P400

Note: They don’t allow tents alone.

Other Fees

  • Rent Videoke (8am – 5pm) – P1500
  • Own Videoke (8am – 5pm) – P800


Private Vehicles

Navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze can easily guide you to the beach. However, its location has very little cell phone service, so you might not be able to connect to the internet. Cell signals get a little choppy on this part of the island.

Aloguinsan is the town right next to Pinamungajan, which you can access by passing through Toledo City. You can also use the Busay route in Cebu City or the one in Tabunok in Talisay via the Man Made Forest to get there.

Once you arrive at Pinamungajan, just drive straight until you reach Laling store, the landmark that will lead you to the entrance of the beach.


If you wish to commute, you can take a bus at Cebu South Bus Terminal. Ask which one will go to Aloguinsan. The drive will take you around 2 hours.


The municipality is thriving with natural attractions like the Hidden Beach, as other notable tourist spots in the area are also filled with incredible feats of nature.

Probably more popular among the many other secluded beaches in Cebu is Hermit’s Cove. The beach is just as good, maybe better, but you will have to climb down a winding flight of stairs from the entrance to experience its tranquil waters.

The entrance fee costs 50Php more, although the stairs might be a chore. Keep in mind that visitors are also only allowed to swim for a few hours at the beach.

If you want, you can make your travel more worthwhile by taking a tour to Bojo River, as Hermit’s Cove is usually the last stop.

Considered the El Nido of Cebu, this was ranked as part of the Top 100 Most Sustainable Destinations in the World. You will be kayaking through some of the cleanest natural water you will find on the island while passing through a forest of mangroves.

You probably won’t get a better bargain than this breathtaking Aloguinsan resort. Other beaches offer more activities, but swimming in the Hidden Beach is already a step up.

If you’re looking for some of the lesser known attractions in Cebu, look no further than this undisturbed gem!

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