Experience Mactan Newtown Beach and Its Soothing Waters

Three colorful chairs at the shore of the Mactan Newtown Beach

Lapu-Lapu City has many beautiful beaches. Its numerous resorts and island hopping activities have made waves all throughout Cebu. One of its most famous is located in the city’s premier business center. With a good location, budget friendly rates, and a ton of exciting activities, Mactan Newtown Beach is a tourist spot to take note of every summer.

Formerly known as the Portofino Beach Resort, this famous beachfront is popular for its cleanliness and consistent maintenance. Under the new management, some much needed adrenaline pumping additions like extreme sports make this Mactan Island attraction a must-see.

A quick drive to Lapu-Lapu’s premier business center will introduce you to this wonderful Cebu tourist spot.

Characteristics of the many beaches of Cebu are present in Mactan Newtown. Fine white sands, colorful cottages, and a clear blue sea add to its picturesque aesthetic. It’s gained a good reputation for its good maintenance, which is very important for many visitors.

The beach is included in the Megawide Corporation’s flagship project in Cebu. This brand new business sector is similar to IT Park in Cebu City, with its variety of BPO companies and luxury hotels.

A proposed “Beach Mall” called the Mactan Newtown Beach Walk is something to look forward to. This two-storey shopping center is said to be located atop a shoreline cliff, giving a unique perspective unlike any mall before it. It’s said to be finished by 2021.

There are a lot of Mactan Island beaches, but this might be one of the cleanest and most well maintained.

The beach has clear blue waters that will beg you to take a swim. There is barely any algae, and the white sand surface is soft and relaxing. This is definitely a swimming experience that rivals many of the best on the island.


There are several activities you can try out. You can get on a Jet Boat like a super spy, ride a Jet Ski like you’re in the X Games, or float on water on a wakeboard. If you want something less thrill and more chill, you can get on a banana boat or float atop a paddling board.


This Cebu tourist spot is perfect for the entire family, and since we all have that hydrophobic cousin, that sunbathing aunt, or that uncle who’s only there for the food, they all have to stay somewhere. There are multiple options of places to keep your belongings safe.

The colorful cottages are very reminiscent of the many beaches of Cebu.


Speaking of eating, they have a corkage fee for the food, but none for soft drinks and water. You also have to pay if you want to bring lechon and liquor inside the resort. They have a grilling station, so maybe you can just bring some cuts of meat to cook if you want to save up some cash.


The beach is located at the far end of the famous business center, Mactan Newtown. This is a walking distance from Mactan Shrine. You can ride a jeepney going to Punta Engaño and get off on the road that leads to the business center.

There are many Mactan Island beaches, but this might be one of the closest to the metro. It only takes 45 minutes to an hour to get there. If you want to take a taxi, it will cost you 150-200Php, that is if you’re traveling from Cebu City.

You can also take a tricycle on the road located at the right side of the Mactan Newtown entrance. This will cost you 20Php, but unfortunately, there usually aren’t a lot of them around. This makes bringing your own personal vehicle the best option.


The Philippine islands have some of the best beaches and resorts to go to during summertime. The island of Mactan has the Mactan Newtown Beach which offers a cheap entrance fee, but many fun offerings you are going to want to try. If you’re looking for a quick swim to cool off at any time of the year, then this is one place to definitely take a dip in.

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