Yap Sandiego Ancestral House

Visit the Oldest Ancestral House in Cebu City

Cebu’s first ancestral house, Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House, has been in Parian for more than three centuries. The Parian district played a crucial part in the history of Cebu City. This quiet neighborhood was once a center for trading and bartering before turning into a residential area for Chinese settlers in the 1600s. Today, Parian has several historic sites, including the

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The main living room area of the Casa Gorordo Museum

The Casa Gorordo Museum and Its Memories of Colonial Cebu

Casa Gorordo shows its visitors what a typical house in the 19th century looked like. There are a number of museums in Cebu worth seeing. Old antiques and centuries-long infrastructure give insights on how the city was before today. Casa Gorordo is a perfect spot to learn about the life of Cebuanos during and after the Spanish colonization. This two-storey

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Cebu's Pride, the Museo Sugbo

A Euphoric Trip to Cebu History: Visiting the Museo Sugbo

Museo Sugbo is a museum in Cebu City that houses all kinds of artifacts gathered from the different islands in Cebu. Museo Sugbo takes you on a stroll along the many years of Cebu history. It houses galleries that transport you back to notable moments from the past and informs you of the lesser known trivia from way back during

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Brass sculpture at a gallery of Modern Art in Cebu

Find the Best Modern Art in Cebu at the Qube Gallery

This sculpture depicting two boys playing Basketball is one of the pieces of art you can find at the Qube Gallery. Cebu is known as the design capital of the Philippines, and was declared one of UNESCO’s creative cities in 2019. Spawning multiple world-renowned artists and designers, the locals’ best work can be found on the walls of famous food

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Jesuit House of 1730, one of the most popular museums in Cebu

Museums in Cebu | the Queen City of the South over the Years

The Jesuit House or Museo de Parian is believed to have been built even before 1730. There are places that would make us remember the past. Towns and cities have museums that will remind them of their histories. The museums in Cebu are some of the places that store the best stories of the island. Here are some of the

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