The Pasilong sa Naga in Southern Cebu at night

Pasilong sa Naga: The New Southern Cebu Architectural Wonder

Pasilong sa Naga is a newly opened public park in Southern Cebu that showcases impressive architecture. There are many Southern Cebu tourist spots that locals and foreign tourists visit and explore on a daily basis. These include an extensive list of secluded beaches, historical churches, and culinary establishments serving the island’s most iconic delicacies. In the Industrial Hub of Southern

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SM Seaside's Sky Park

Take a break at Sky Park Found in SM Seaside Cebu

Welcome to Sky Park, a relaxing outdoor recreational area where you can sit back and relax from a day’s worth of shopping! SM Seaside Cebu is one of the biggest malls in Asia. Various international brands, boutiques, and restaurants can be found inside, giving you tons of options for your food and shopping adventures. But even shopping can be a

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The open pond of the Cascades Nature Park

Cascades Nature Park: What You SHOULD NOT Miss Out On

Cascades Nature Park is filled with luscious green trees that make for an outstanding outdoor recreational area. Exploring the great outdoors is always an exciting idea. While some prefer to sit back and relax as they take in the beauty of mother nature, others want to get their adrenaline pumping. Whatever it is you prefer, doing them at home will

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Cebu Business Park, on of Cebu's most popular nature parks

The Most Popular Public Nature Parks in Cebu City

Cebu Business Park, a busy nature park in uptown Cebu. After a long day, taking a walk alongside nature would be a perfect way for you to unwind. Luckily, when you travel to the Queen City of the South, there are several options for you to relax and spend time away from your busy schedule. Nature parks are very prominent

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stunning view of City of Naga Boardwalk

City of Naga Boardwalk: A Stunning Walk Above the Ocean

The City of Naga Boardwalk is a great hangout spot for a walk by the sea. The City of Naga is not your typical countryside destination. One of Cebu’s biggest festivals, the Dagitab, also known as the Festival of Lights, is celebrated here annually. There are many spots and spectacles that make this rising business sector stand out among other

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