Drone shot of the Busay Holiday Pools

Spend a Weekend Getaway at Busay Holiday Pools!

Have a fun summer vacation at the relaxing Busay Holiday Pools! Busay is known for its many outdoor cafes and restaurants that have become go-to hangout spots during the weekend. Cebuanos also love going on road trips as they pass through Cebu Transcentral Highway all the way to Balamban.  Other than that, mountain resorts are renowned places to stay in

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Signage of the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Experience the Wild at the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

The Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is a premier tourist attraction in Carmen, Cebu. Many would agree that Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is the island’s most popular recreational offering. It’s one of the largest zoological parks in the Philippines, housing over 120 species of plants and animals in a 170-hectare town lot in Carmen, Cebu.  The safari park should

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Drone shot of the Mountain View Nature’s Park’s pool

Explore Mountain View Nature’s Park at High Altitude

Reconnect with the great outdoors at Mountain View Nature’s Park! There are a dozen tourist spots in Busay that highlight the exquisite mountain ranges of Cebu City. This neighborhood is an amazing venue for a staycation, as the calm countryside creates a relaxing ambiance for you to unwind.  Mountain View Nature’s Park is one of the best places to do

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Floating cottage in Bantayan Bay

Hop on a Floating Cottage at El Nero Cordova!

Right off the coast of Cordova is the El Nero Floating Cottage! Have you ever been in a floating cottage? It’s a unique accommodation that may only last a few hours but gives a delightfully relaxing experience and the opportunity to have fun with friends and loved ones. You can jump into the clear blue waters or relax under the

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Main swimming pool at the Little Santorini Mountain Resort

Little Santorini Mountain Resort: Liloan’s Hidden Hotspot

Little Santorini is a hidden resort in the mountainous areas of Liloan, perfect for any occasion. The luscious green mountains of Cebu are ideal spots for trekking, camping, and exploring. The cold breeze and the magnificent view make it a perfect weekend vacation spot. This kind of atmosphere has inspired all sorts of establishments to set up resorts situated within

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Facade and pool of the Cebu Westown Lagoon

Cebu Westown Lagoon: Mandaue’s Lively Water Park

Cebu Westown Lagoon is a fun getaway for the entire family! Summer is one of the most fun times for Cebuanos. The heat may be unbearable, but there are so many places to cool off. Islands and resorts in the Philippines can be expensive and far, but subsequently, water parks offer a budget friendly and accessible attraction for those who

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