Il Corso’s Home for Cebuano Food: Larsian by the Sea

Stall selling Cebuano food

Smiley Larsian by the Sea provides an al fresco dining experience like no other.

The Cebuano food park industry in the Philippines is booming. These places have been go-to venues among food enthusiasts for several years now.

The original food strip, however, may be Fuente’s Larsian.

Many locals and tourists have entered this establishment to fill their stomachs with different versions of Filipino barbecue.

This is arguably the best place to try Cebuano food in the metro, and it is expanding even further. A new stall has emerged on the island, and it has already gained a lot of attention online.

Smiley’s Larsian by the Sea brings an al fresco dining experience you will want to try out yourself. With a relaxing atmosphere and mouth watering delicacies, this will definitely make your evenings more worthwhile.


Check this place out as you try some of the best Cebuano food on the island.

Classic dishes found at the original Larsian branch are on full display at this new eatery. Their selection of Cebu street food favorites will leave you salivating.

Filipino barbecue skewers are some of the most popular in the world. Smiley offers two types of these at their stall. The original recipe has a very familiar taste, but the Larsian version has a sweeter flavor.

They also offer other meat dishes like Liempo, Chorizo, and even the famous pungko-pungko staple, Ginabot.

Some people may not be the biggest fans of meat, but Cebuanos are some of the best seafood chefs in the country. Sutukil, abbreviated from sugba (grill), tuwa (soup), and kilaw (soaked in vinegar), is also very prominent at Smiley’s, with their wide catch of seafood dishes.

Their dishes include Filipino barbecue skewers, grilled pork, seafood and much more!

The best seller in the stall is the Baked Scallops. Very popular among the many seafood restaurants in the city, this is an instant favorite. They also have some Buttered Garlic Shrimp, Grilled Squid, Tuna Panga (jaw), and Tuna Belly.

To cool off, Smiley’s also offers a variety of delicious desserts to complete your dining experience. They have some fresh fruit shakes made from Dragon Fruit, Avocado, and Guyabano, as well as popular Filipino desserts like Leche Flan and Mango Float.

You will be eating these delicious meals with the calming air at South Road Properties (SRP). There are many plans for this otherwise busy highway to turn into a valuable business venture. Larsian by the Sea is one establishment that will definitely push that forward.


Smiley’s is located at the back of the newly opened Food Yard in the parking lot of Il Corso at SRP. Its location makes it very advantageous if you bring a personal vehicle, especially since it will only be a walking distance from where you park.

If you will be commuting, your best option is to ride a MyBus going to Talisay in either SM City Cebu or SM Seaside Cebu. The fare is 25Php. Taking a bus at Seaside will be faster since it is also located at SRP.

If you want to take a taxi, the fare will be around 100-200Php from Cebu City.

Smiley’s is open from 3PM to 10PM daily. The area is also busier on the weekends.

Larsian by the Sea gives a lot of food and beverages in Cebu a different feel and atmosphere compared to the famous strip we all know and love.

Located in an area with a very bright future ahead of it, we can all expect this food stall to feed a lot of hungry bellies with its menu of delicious Cebuano food. This is one food trip venue that many foodies will look forward to trying out not just for the food, but for its calm and relaxing atmosphere as well.

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