A Heavenly Stroll at the J Center Mall Venetian Food Haven

J Center Mall Food Court with Blue Sky Ceiling

The J Center Mall food court is designed with a Venetian theme to make it look like you’re dining somewhere in the middle of Europe.

J Center Mall is one of the newer contenders in the battle for the best Cebu mall. Though it doesn’t have the same scale as the veterans, it has the metaphorical firepower to compete. In fact, they went guns blazing to set up a food court that could definitely get a podium as the best one in Cebu. You may not consider the food court as the best part of a mall, but J Center could change that perception.

Going to this Mandaue City mall’s food court isn’t your typical walk along all kinds of food stalls. It is similar to many food courts with its plastic tables and chairs occupying a huge open space. Small stalls continue to encourage hungry customers to try out their food and beverages, but the experience has a totally different ambience compared to the traditional food courts in malls like Ayala Center Cebu and SM City Cebu. There are not a lot of malls that have two floors for you to eat in.

The J Center Mall has designed its food court to look like you are walking along a European town, the walls designed to look like old school houses and buildings. They set up lamp posts on the floor to give it an outdoorsy feel, though you are safe and sound within the walls of the mall. A tree is even set up to add more natural imagery within this indoor food park.


Lamp post behind venetian building

A visit to this one-of-a-kind indoor food park is like taking a walk along the streets of Europe, with its stylish walls and street lights.

Even the stairs look like they were exported from the streets of France, with its splendid intricacy and detail. Going up these stairs might give you a weird satisfaction, like you’re heading to a French community or restaurant. When you get to the top, you will be greeted with more chairs and tables where you can have your delicious meals. The altitude, though not as high as other fancy restaurants out there, makes the place a good alternative as a date night venue.

Even the food stalls have fancy roofs of their own, making it look like they’re paying rent for a spot along the sidewalk, and not inside a mall. The tenants at this fancy food court sell a variety of some of the best food in Cebu, as well as new dishes that any foodie would dream of trying. If you want a food court that provides a good ambience along with delicious and mouth-watering food, then this should be your first stop at J Center.

The J Center Mall food court’s blue sky ceiling will encourage you to look up in awe.

J Center also didn’t skimp on the ceilings, which are painted to look like clear blue skies. Though it isn’t as accurate as how blue the sky really is, you have to appreciate the dedication of the artists to recreate the entirety of the food court’s ceiling to look like you were dining outside, somewhere in the middle of Europe. When you stand on the second floor, you can take photos with the ceiling in the background and trick your friends into believing that you went somewhere out of the country (that is if you get a good angle along with some superb editing skills) even though you are just inside a mall in Mandaue City.

The food court is also where you will pass through to go to the cinema, so if you are planning to watch a movie, you have tons of choices of snacks to bring inside the theater.

If there is one thing that you could possibly gripe about the place, it would probably be the government office that is situated within the premises. Though it still has a Venetian style design to match with the theme of the area, there are a lot of people lining up to accomplish several government transactions. Government offices usually bring in a lot of people, so if you were hoping for more space or fewer people, you might be disappointed.

The overall aesthetic of the food court adds to the memorable eating experience at J Center Mall.

That being said, the place still gives you an ample amount of space to walk around and enjoy the view. You will end up feeling like you are walking on a quiet street in a foreign country. If you are living somewhere near A.S. Fortuna and if you think it would take time to travel to other big food parks like Sugbo Mercado, then the J Center food court is a great alternative for the best food trip in Cebu, thanks to its great interior design.

J Center is a great mall in itself, though it may be hard for some people to visit due to living further away from Mandaue. It is the home of Skywater Park, which is one of Cebu’s newest recreational activity hubs. This is a big waterpark with many slides that twist and turn and pump up your adrenaline. But if you just want to relax and unwind, there are a lot of shops and activities you can visit and take part in, where you can also buy your essentials and favorite items.

Food courts are a staple in every mall. This is where you can buy many budget friendly foods and treats after going on a shopping spree. The one in J Center stands out for showing that food courts can be more than just an open space with tables and chairs, but also one with a design that will make you feel like you’re in an entirely different country. Not only is J Center Mall in the running for the best shopping mall in Cebu, but its interior design gives customers something to cheer about for what other creative and exciting ideas it may come up with in the future. Maybe more malls will follow suit and give us a culinary experience similar to what we get at this excellent venetian food haven.

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