Two Sugbo Mercado Branches Reopen after Typhoon Rai

Sugbo Mercado at night

Cebuanos are more than happy to know that Sugbo Mercado is back in business!

After the extreme damage that several establishments underwent due to Typhoon Rai back in December 2021, no one would have thought that restaurants and food parks would be back in business so soon. After a month, to be exact.

Both Sugbo Mercado branches in CBP (Cebu Business Park) and IT Park have been fully operational after a month of restoration.

The famous food park celebrated this comeback with a picture online showing the tents that have been put back up, the surrounding areas clear of tree branches, and a sign at the entrance saying “Bangon Cebu!”

The notable features from the first branch made it a nightlife staple, such as the energetic lighting, calming ambiance, and scrumptious food. Even now, patrons of Sugbo Mercado are just as happy to be back and have a good time.

It’s not hard to see why this is everyone’s favorite food park in Cebu.

The CBP branch is a popular option for al fresco dining, considering the open space and cool breeze where friends and family can relax and have fun.

Both branches offer a unique al fresco dining experience for everyone to enjoy.

Sugbo Mercado sells many specialty dishes to highlight the street food industry in the Philippines. From burgers and barbecues to weird desserts and Filipino street food favorites, there is something for everybody.

The CBP branch also has novelty stores that sell clothes, trinkets, artwork, and even anime memorabilia.

Have you visited the souvenir shop at Sugbo Mercado CBP?

They even have plans to turn the open grass area into a venue for recreational activities, like zumba sessions, movie nights, live performances, and art exhibits.

Unfortunately, Cebu City was recently upgraded back to Alert Level 3 after the spark of COVID-19 cases at the beginning of the year.

In line with this, they also mentioned on their social media pages that they will only cater vaccinated individuals. So if you want to get in, make sure to bring your vaccination card.


IT Park

Wednesday – Sunday
4 PM – 10 PM

Cebu Business Park

Wednesday – Saturday
4 PM – 10:30 PM


Exact Location

IT Park

  • Garden Bloc, Inez Villa Street, Cebu IT Park, Cebu City


  • 17B and 17C jeepneys will pass by IT Park from Downtown Cebu. Fare will cost you around 9 to 15 Php. You can get off anywhere in IT Park and walk to the food park, which is right behind the bus terminal.

Cebu Business Park

  • Behind Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepción


  • One jeepney route that passes directly by the food park is 12L. Take a jeepney to Fuente Osmeña Circle and then a 12L near Vicente Sotto Medical Hospital.

This is one example of Cebuanos showing their dedication and commitment to whatever they are passionate about. It shows that no matter the circumstances, they will find a way to rise up.

As you can see, the street food industry in the Philippines continues to thrive.

Cebuanos have come to love Sugbo Mercado because of its contribution to the culinary and nightlife scene. Despite the challenges it faced after the storm, the two branches are now up and running, serving more people than ever. This just goes to show how everyone is supportive of the food park industry.

So what are your plans for the weekend? Visit the nearest Sugbo Mercado branch and have a grand time with family and friends!

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