Top Places to Have the Best Food Trip in Cebu

food parks in cebu

Be sure to visit the top three destinations where you can have the best food trip in Cebu!

Everyone loves a good meal. Eating is a hobby that even your grandma and grandpa enjoy. People of all ages find happiness in trying all sorts of food, up until they get to decide which ones are their favorites. It has turned food parks into a sensation that garnered crowds of locals and foreign tourists alike. The enduring allure stems from a combination of good food, relaxing ambiance, and an overall memorable experience. These places are worth getting the best food to eat in Cebu, especially with an array of old-time favorites and the crème de la crème of Philippine street food. As such, if you’re looking for a good midpoint between budget-friendly street food and expensive gourmet restaurants for you to have the best food trip in Cebu, it’s time you checked out some of the island’s best food parks!

Food parks are some of the busiest places in the city, mostly at night. Not only are they a contender for being the best place to unwind in Cebu, but they have also become a go-to spot for those who are looking for a quick and affordable bite. The relaxing ambiance gives tired individuals a chance to forget about the struggles of work and life. Once they get to order their favorite dish, sit down, and relax, they are immediately relieved. With so many delectable treats to choose from, one might say that there are all kinds of grub for everyone.

With the energy bursting throughout the food park, it automatically becomes a perfect place for night owls looking for things to do in Cebu at night.

It could be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t eat much, but you don’t need to try everything to have a good time. There is Filipino food for the uninitiated, some fusion food for the adventurous, and cheap eats for those whose wallets are holding on to dear life. The trove of people lining up at the stalls can be compared to an iStore whenever a new iPhone is being released. The place may be very busy some days with the volume of starving individuals, but the inviting atmosphere and delicious food are enough to make you want to go and order something for yourself.

Sugbo Mercado

Entrance of Sugbo Mercado

Be sure to visit the top three destinations where you can have the best food trip in Cebu!

The food park that started it all, the one that most people know of, is the Sugbo Mercado, which is located at the Garden Bloc in IT Park. This business park can be considered the lifestyle capital of Cebu due to the popularity of its busy night market. Also referred to as a weekend hotspot, it is a cultural phenomenon that paved the way for the food park to become a new trend that every Cebuano has come to love.

Filled with a variety of scrumptious meals and soothing, live acoustic performances, this makes it the perfect hangout spot for night owls who aren’t looking to party the night away. You can relax, catch up, meet new friends, and satisfy your cravings with the different treats offered by various stalls.

Sugbo Mercado has a number of stalls that cook delicious Filipino food and other famous delicacies.

Public transportation shouldn’t be a problem if you choose to commute to IT Park. There are a plethora of dishes that you can add to your Cebu cheap eats list or splurge on when it’s payday. It doesn’t matter if you have a sweet tooth or a savory craving, you definitely won’t be heading home with an empty stomach.

The Market

The Market is a perfect example of how far a food park will go to invite hungry customers and tourists alike.

Just when you thought Sugbo Mercado couldn’t get any bigger, it brought the food park craze all the way to the North Reclamation Area in Mandaue City, a new food strip known as The Market. The staples are still present among the different stalls, from everything Asian to the classic burger, fries, and shakes. What makes these two parks unique from each other is their theme and overall design.

The Market uses a container van theme to simulate a backyard barbecue vibe. The artwork seen around the park may give you an outdoor urban feel, making it easily recognizable from the outside. The entire area is covered by a roof, so there’s no need to worry about getting wet from the rain.

Some of the best food to eat in Cebu can be found at The Market!

Mandaue isn’t that far away from Cebu City, so giving this place a visit shouldn’t be difficult for anyone looking to get their food fix. Not only are you safe and sound within the walls of this container van park, but you will also love the attention to detail that is absent from other food parks around the city.

Yahay Food Park

Yahay Food Park Entrance

Looking for exciting things to do in Cebu? Visit Yahay in Talisay City and experience the beach and bamboo forest vibe like no other!

The Yahay Food Park may be newer than the two aforementioned food strips on this list, but its future is brighter than the lights that illuminate it at night. If The Market’s gimmick is more of a container van warehouse, Yahay amps up its design to 11, transporting you to what seems like a bayside restaurant and bamboo forest at the same time.

The second floor is perfect for taking Instagram photos, as the long boardwalk allows a lot of unique angles and backgrounds. You can get up and feel the cool breeze, like you’re standing above the sea. You will be greeted with tons of food choices, but the aesthetic of the entire place has to be the main selling point.

Yahay Food Park is a great place for a photo op along the walkway of the second floor.

This place may be less popular, but it should be on your radar if you’re into instagrammable eateries. This will make a great stop when traveling to the south, especially since it is found along the highway.

Food parks are an evolved version of some of the most affordable restaurants in Cebu due to their accessibility and budget friendliness. Places like The Market, Yahay, and Sugbo Mercado are cultural phenomenons that are visited by thousands of customers each month, and it seems like they aren’t slowing down. If you can foresee the future, these could turn into major go-to spots for those who look forward to having the best food trip in Cebu. These are places that you go to because of the food, but you stay because of the experience.

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