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QDeals PH: An Online Discount Platform with the Best Deals

Check out the newest online discount platform where you can get the best deals for various products and services. (Photo courtesy of QDeals Philippines PR) Looking to get the best deals on your next shopping adventure? Time to check out QDeals PH! It is the newest online discount platform that offers daily discount deals for various products and services –

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Cars cruising down the streets of Cebu City

Getting a New Driver’s License in Cebu: A Quick Guide

Cars cruising down the streets of Cebu City Getting a new driver’s license is a priority among many of those living in Cebu. While commuting is the more economical choice, the convenience of operating your own personal vehicle is something you can’t deny. Applying for one may be tedious, but with the right information and preparation, you can follow through

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Philippine peso bills to earn extra income in Cebu

Earn Extra Income in Cebu: Tips and Ideas to Consider

Here are some practical ways to earn extra income in Cebu. Want to know how you can earn extra income? Whether it’s by starting your own business or investing your hard-earned savings, there are several opportunities where you can earn more than your regular salary.  On top of that, you can acquire useful skills that may come in handy in

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Collage of the City skyline and a view from the provincial life of Cebu

City or Provincial Life: Which Is Better?

Do you prefer living in the city or experiencing provincial life? Which would you prefer? A city with tons of access to public transport, business centers, and career opportunities? Or a peaceful provincial life free from traffic, crowds, and pollution? Everyone has their preferences, but either of these is valuable enough for a better life. One’s needs are important, and

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Audience member at the Sinulog Festival taking photos of the parade

Travel Photography Tips for Breathtaking Shots of Cebu

Capture mesmerizing moments in Cebu through travel photography. Photos are a way for us to look back on memories, and we all want our memories to look good. Traveling around the world is an experience everyone wants to remember, so travel photography is a pretty neat skill to learn.  Pictures also get us excited to return to and experience cherished

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Cars travel despite rainfall amidst the rainy season in Cebu

How to Combat the Rainy Season in Cebu Philippines

The rainy season can be difficult for Cebuanos who commute daily. If you plan on traveling to the Philippines after summertime, make sure to bring an umbrella along with some comfortable jackets.  The Philippines’ rainy season officially starts in June, as the Southwest Monsoon called the Habagat approaches the country.  During this time, you can expect much cooler weather in

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