Medellin Cebu: A New Diving Attraction for You?

Woman freediving in Cebu waters

Several diving spots in Medellin Cebu could potentially make it a top diving location.

Medellin Cebu has many tourist spots that are perfect for anyone who’s looking to spend a much-needed vacation. Fun-filled summer getaways and stunning landscapes have warranted numerous road trips from locals and foreigners in the past.

Fortunately, there is so much more to look forward to if you find yourself on a road trip to northern Cebu.

As freediving in Cebu becomes more popular, divers may consider exploring the waters of Medellin as the Department of Tourism in Central Visayas (DOT-7) determined the number of major diving areas.

Several spots on Gibitngil Island in Barangay Kawit passed the DOT-7’s three-day exploratory assessment, determining their viability as significant tourist attractions.

The DOT discovered that the islands have an abundance of coral reefs and marine life that will surely spark the curiosity of divers worldwide.

The Funtastic Island – its most popular tourist spot – has crystal clear waters, photogenic rock formations, and recreational activities you can take part in, like snorkeling, paddle boarding, and cliff jumping.

You may have also heard of it because of its magnificent sandbar, which offers a relaxing swimming experience thanks to its fine white sand and clean environment.

The DOT also consulted marine biologists to determine if the coral reefs are safe for diving.

Other consultants to the assessment include the Philippine Coast Guard, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Cebu Provincial Tourism Office, and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.

Medellin’s mayor, Hon. Joven Mondigo aims to advertise the town as a top scuba diving destination in the north to boost its tourism sector and welcome diving enthusiasts from around the world.

Coral reefs, popular underwater tourist attractions in Cebu

Coral reefs are notable underwater tourist attractions divers come to see in Cebu.


Cebu is considered a top diving hotspot in Asia. The oceans are overflowing with underwater tourist attractions like coral reefs and schools of marine life like fish and sea turtles.

Some notable diving activities on the island include the sardine run in Moalboal and whale shark watching in Oslob. You can also witness the magnificent marine ecosystems on the islands of Malapascua and Mactan.

The Marine Diving Awards 2020 also awarded Moalboal and Malapascua as some of the best diving sites in the Philippines.

Sea turtle swimming in the crystal clear waters of Moalboal

Many of Cebu’s diving spots - like this one in Moalboal - are rich in marine life.

Unfortunately, travel restrictions implemented because of the COVID-19 pandemic have brought fewer tourists to the island since the outbreak began in 2020.

Luckily, many tourist spots are resuming operations as cases have decreased in number, so we can expect more divers to explore Cebu’s oceans soon.


Located over 100 kilometers from Cebu City, the municipality is among the more popular Northern Cebu go-to destinations. The town offers fun recreational activities for families and barkadas aside from their pristine white sand beaches.

Medellin is called the “Sugar Bowl of the Philippines” due to its abundance of sugar canes.

You will notice them when you pass by the 7.5-kilometer Isle of Medellin, which connects the town to the neighboring city of Bogo.

The massive sugar cane fields make it a haven for photographers, while the long winding road creates a soothing atmosphere for road trips.

You can also visit the new Bamboo Forest in Barangay Luy-a, where you can explore a grove of bamboo trees that will make you feel like you’re in Japan. You will definitely appreciate the relaxing atmosphere and photogenic views.

A photo of a bamboo forest in Medellin Cebu

The Bamboo Forest is a new attraction to see in this Northern Cebu town.

Finally, the town is famous for its long shorelines – perfect for long walks on the beach because of the soft white sand. Barangay Kawit’s public beach is also less crowded if you want to save up on beach entrance fees.

The town may not be a top tourist attraction today, but it aims to be in contention in the future. Since diving has become a favorite pastime among Cebuanos, this quiet provincial town will soon become a big player alongside some of the most sought-after diving locations. All things considered, it’s finally time to include Medellin Cebu on your dive bucket list.

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