One Step Closer: Hotels in Cebu Finally Open

Pool at a hotel in Cebu

Tourism in the Philippines is getting a big boost as several Hotels in Cebu are expected to reopen.

Don’t call it a comeback! After long months of waiting, finally, Cebu’s tourism industry is starting to open up again. It’s still a long way to go, but we can all breathe a sigh of relief as the light at the end of the tunnel slowly creeps.

Several hotels in Cebu have reopened and are expected to resume operations after being closed due to the setup of various quarantine protocols. This is absolutely great news, especially for all the thrill seekers and adventurers looking for a new hotspot in their Cebuano itinerary.

So pack your bags because Cebu’s finest has returned!

52 hotels and establishments have passed the minimum health safety measures required to stay open amidst the pandemic. The island’s status as being one of the places with less strict protocols out of all the community quarantines has helped in welcoming the idea of reopening the city’s tourism.

Traveling to Cebu is much safer than it was a few months ago, as active cases dwindle, slowly flattening the curve. Don’t get too excited, though. There are still some measures that have been put in place.

Health Protocols

There is a laundry list of things to follow, but the obvious is always there. Face masks, face shields, disinfection, and social distancing are an obvious rule of thumb. In Cebu, however, you might have to bring personal air purifiers as those are requirements to get in.

Purifiers are said to be an effective remedy to combat the virus, which is why several tourist spots have installed some in the premises. They must also install ultraviolet lights and barriers as safety precautions for guests.

Hotels and beach resorts in Cebu Province will be monitored by authorities in case you are worried of possible protocols being violated.

Booking online is recommended through the Cebu Provincial Tourism Portal, which is where you can reserve a room for all the places that are expected to open.

It is unclear as to how many people are allowed to enter the premises, but recently a development was made allowing hotels and staycation spots to open at full capacity. You could say that there will be a revival in the Philippines tourism industry, which was struggling to stay relevant amidst the pandemic.

So which places are going to open?

All of the places announced to be opening are in the quiet countryside of Cebu Province. Known for its many natural attractions, these have been staples for those who want a bang for their buck when they travel to Cebu. There are so many activities that you can immerse yourself in, such as snorkeling in the clear blue sea, trekking in the mountains, and experiencing breathtaking scenery.

You can now visit several beaches in the south with resorts in Moalboal and Dalaguete, with Badian and Oslob said to be opening as well. The Bluewater Sumilon is a notable opening due to its distance to the popular sandbar in Sumilon island. The Banamboo Hostel is also perfect for those who are fans of canyoneering and trekking along the famous Kawasan Falls.

For those who want an overlooking view of the mountains and trees, West 35 Eco Mountain Resort in Balamban is now open. This is a popular mountain resort which offers a bird’s eye view of the municipality on the southern side of Cebu.

The list of hotels in Cebu that are scheduled to make their return also includes several in the north. De Payag Inland Resort in Daanbantayan and three beach resorts in San Remigio are slated to open, while Danasan Eco Adventure Park in Danao is also expected to return.

Other famous establishments on the list include ATV Adventure in Barili, which offers a service that allows tourists to rent and ride dirt bikes, and more beach resorts in Santander, Boljoon, Alcoy, and Carcar.

Here is a masterlist of the places to stay in Cebu as announced by the Provincial Tourism Office:




Circa La Playa Recreation Center


Tatope Travel Lounge

Voda Krasna Beach Resort


Cartagena Beach Resort

Antig Tingko Beach Resort


West 35 Eco Adventure Park

Sailor’s Cabin


ATV Adventure

Cafe Alonso


Kasai Villages Resort

Moalboal Eco Lodge

Hale Manna Coastal Gardens

Kojie Guest House & several others


Eskapo Verde

World Big 4 Resort



Carlita’s View Beach Resort

Kellock Seaview Apartelle

Ocean Bay Beach Resort and others


Cebu Club Fort Med


Bluewater Sumilon

The Lighthouse Beach Resort

Malonzo Pension House

Stay and S. Resort

Aloha Lodging House and others


Pebbles Eco Adventure Park


De Payag Inland Resort

San Remigio

La Mer Beach Resort

Orongan Beach Resort

San Remigio Beach Club

The once stagnant tourism sector is bringing back a lot of things to do in Cebu. The white sand beaches, the experience with the wildlife, and the views and beautiful horizons would really be great after several months of staying home.

It is such a relief that we can finally go out and experience the world again, despite the caveats and compromises. The economy has always relied on the tourism industry, and you can bet that the businesses and locals are very excited for these places to be up and booming again.

Cebu is one step closer to going back to how it was. If we all continue to do our part, we won’t have to wait any longer because we will get to experience the city’s tourism first hand. Beaches and hotels in Cebu are doing everything they can to help with the Philippines tourism reopening. When the time comes that the entire island, maybe even the entire country, will get rid of the virus, a trip to Cebu’s countryside would be a big victory celebration.

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