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    Things to Do in Cebu


    Cebu offers a lot of tourist attractions, palatable delicacies, wonderful people and more. The things to do in Cebu are endless.

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    Grab a bite at some of the best restaurants in Cebu like fast food chains and fine dining establishments.

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    Cebu Hotels |
    Your Home Away from Home


    Experience the comfort of living in Cebu with world-class Cebu hotels.

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    Shopping in Cebu


    Shopping in Cebu has never been this easy! Learn more about the city’s premiere shopping malls and shop ’til you drop.

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    Cebu Transportation | How to Get Around in Cebu


    To get to the beautiful tourist attractions that the city is well known for, it is important for you to know how to get around in Cebu beforehand.

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    Filipino delicacies

    The Best Cebuano Delicacies You Should Try

    You can buy many Cebuano delicacies in places like the Tabo-an Public Market. No matter who you are, you will always yield to food. You will always crave for the things that you love. Food is something you just can’t refuse. You can even define a nation based on the

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    seafood dishes

    Best Seafood Restaurants in Cebu

    Dine at the best seafood restaurants in Cebu City. One of the things Cebu is known for is its stunning beaches. Many tourists have flocked to seaside areas such as Malapascua Island, Camotes, Bantayan Island, Oslob, and Cordova. Considering the island of Cebu is surrounded by seas, it’s not surprising

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    plates of fusion cooking

    Fusion Restaurants in Cebu Worth Trying

    Here are some of the best fusion restaurants in Cebu! No matter how delicious Filipino cuisine is, Cebuanos are also open to try dishes from other countries. The fact they embraced Chinese food is testament of that. But there are some cuisines that were introduced through outside influences. For example,

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    guitars at Alegre

    Lapu-Lapu: The Cebu Guitar Factory

    Lapu-Lapu City is the Cebu guitar factory, where high quality string instruments are made. Cebu is considered the guitar capital of the Philippines. This is in no small part due to the world class popularity of Lapu-Lapu City’s local craft. Lapu-Lapu is known throughout Cebu as the historic resort city,

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    Southern Cebu Churches and Their Classic Architecture

    Churches in Southern Cebu have a very detailed architecture that makes them great tourist spots. The Philippines is a melting pot for beautiful churches. The impressive architecture has lasted for several decades, and many of these are located in Southern Cebu. Churches in the province are very different from the

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