Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant: Cordova’s Seaside Gem

The Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant offers a fresh outdoor dining experience by the sea.

When dining outdoors, the tropical weather can serve as the icing on a delicious and mouthwatering cake. An al fresco dining setup by the sea or above the mountains can complement the most irresistible dish.

This is apparent when you step foot at the Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant.

The name is derived from the Cebuano word lantaw, which means “look.” This matches perfectly with the restaurant’s eye-popping design made of local materials.

Paired with a cozy atmosphere and flavorful delicacies, the restaurant offers a memorable seaside experience for any social engagement, be it wedding receptions, birthday parties, or dinner dates.

Al fresco dining is much more enjoyable with a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Several furniture and fixtures are made out of bamboo and wood, such as the footbridge at the entrance, support beams, as well as the tables and chairs inside the restaurant.

The overall ambiance definitely makes dining outdoors worthwhile and fun.

Large groups of family and friends will have no problem booking a table or two, as there are several dining areas to choose from. As you can see, there is enough space for everyone to eat and have a good time. The restaurant’s aesthetics also add to the cozy and vibrant atmosphere.

The wooden huts are perfect for a more intimate hangout. Situated along the edges of the platform, you can take in the cool and relaxing sea breeze and enjoy the view.

Wooden huts provide a different kind of al fresco dining experience.

Their menu offers a selection of popular dishes in Filipino food culture as well as lesser-known delicacies worth trying out.

Best sellers include appetizers like sisig and grilled meals like pork belly. Several sutukil dishes round out their seafood offerings as well.

Filipino food culture is apparent in the restaurant's menu of food items.

You can also try the town’s native delicacy, bakasi. This exotic seafood dish consists of freshly caught eels from the ocean.

The restaurant also has another branch at South Road Properties (SRP). It has the same menu of food items, but with a different setup.

The SRP branch is much closer to Cebu City and Talisay.

It’s closer to the city, although public transport is scarce. You can take a MyBus at SM Seaside going to Talisay and get off across from the restaurant.

Unfortunately, both restaurants are temporarily closed due to the damage from Typhoon Odette back in December 2021.

Management is currently repairing both restaurants, but no timetable has been released with regards to its reopening. Nonetheless, they made mention of resuming operations sooner than expected.


Exact Location:

In front of the Cordova Tourism Center, right next to the 10,000 Roses Cafe

  • V – Hire

You can take a v-hire in SM City Cebu. Get off at Gaisano Mactan and ride a habal-habal going to the restaurant.

The Cordova-Cebu bridge will soon provide better access to those who wish to visit Lantaw from mainland Cebu, as it is scheduled to open this year.

Lantaw is one of those restaurants that makes you appreciate Filipino cuisine and the country’s tropical atmosphere. Thanks to its location, native aesthetics, relaxing outdoor setup, and a long list of scrumptious meals, it’s easy for customers to know that they will be coming back for more.

Once it’s up and running again, don’t miss the chance to treat yourself to a delightful dining experience. Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

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