Must-Try Burgers in Cebu

Two kinds of cheeseburgers

Bite into one of the must-try burgers in Cebu!

The burger has become a Filipino favorite since it has been introduced to the country. In Cebu, there are burger shops in almost every corner, and each one has its own style and taste. Juicy patty, crispy lettuce, sweet tomatoes, and melted cheese between slightly toasted buns with sesame seeds—these and more can be enjoyed when you try these burgers in Cebu.

Albur’s All In Pizza Burger Grill

When you look at Albur’s menu, you will not wonder anymore why it is called all-in. They have everything people would crave for during a Cebu food trip—pasta, pizza, milkshakes, craft beers, and of course, burgers.

Jandrick (the sausage-stuffed pizza) and the Four Seasons (pizza divided into four flavors) are the bestsellers among the pizzas. Both of the pastas, Truffle Carbonara and Linguine Vongole, win the crowd’s hearts. Appetizers can be filling too, and you can pair them with your choice of milkshake or beer.

All their burgers are bestsellers. But the top three are Southside, Truffle, and the double-pattied, open-faced Heart Stopper. All their six types of burgers have patties made of 100% US beef, so there’s no wonder why Albur’s is one of the go-to restaurants in Cebu.

Stoke Burgers Cebu

Get more than what you pay for at Stoke Burgers Cebu. The small store in Mambaling, Cebu, has a simple menu offering 5 choices of burgers. The Light Weight Burger is the classic burger that we already know. Stoke’s bestseller is the Squat, which has triple bacon and fried egg among other ingredients. Double the number of patties of the Squat, add jalapeño, lettuce, and Stoke’s special sauce, and you’ll get the house special Deadlift. The Hawaiian and the Rodeo burgers also deserve a thumbs-up.

Big Daddy Truck

This is the food truck that never gets old. Big Daddy has been in the same spot since it started in Cebu. When looking for affordable restaurants in Lahug, Cebu, Big Daddy should be on the list.

The menu is apt for a food truck, but the taste is outstanding, especially the burgers. Among the bestsellers are the signature Big Daddy Burger, Jalapeño Cheeseburger, and the Double Patty Cheeseburger with double cheese slices too.

For the rice-eaters, there are also meals available. If you like sausages more than patties, then you would definitely enjoy their sausage sandwiches. But if you like both, there’s Big Daddy’s Combo Set of sandwich, burger, and fries for you. Choose an ice-cold beer for a perfect late-night meal.

Chef Marquin’s Burgerhouse PH

Redefining burgers is Chef Marquin’s Burgerhouse’s motto. The flamboyant appearance and size of the burgers can surely make one wonder. So people flock to Lahug to get one of the shrimp overloaded Surf’n Turf burgers, or its mega version with lemon on the side, or be overwhelmed by the Gwen Stefani Baconator.

The pile of meat in between toasted brioche buns are then poured with signature sauces that overflow the plate. Once you get a taste of the gigantic burger, you can’t get enough of it. And what’s more interesting is that the burger house only has a one-man crew, the chef himself.

Zark’s Burgers

Challenge yourself by devouring a tall burger like this!

What began as a small dream has become one of the country’s best burger restaurants. The popularity of Zark’s is a result of the aim of the owner himself: to promote fresh, huge, and great burgers.

There are numerous types of burgers to choose from. The classic cheeseburger is still an all-time favorite. But if you opt for something spicy, try the Ragin’ Cajun or the Zark’s Bacon BBQ Burger.

The bestsellers are usually the bigger ones. Aside from the fact that bigger sizes give more value for money, people really like the challenge.

Zark’s Ultimate is the quarter pounder with bacon and cheese sauce. Meat lovers would also love the Chili ’n’ Cheese Burger with sauce that has meat chunks. Some that are far from the usual are also gaining attention: the Bacon-Wrapped Burger (which is a whole burger wrapped in bacon), the Luther Jr. (a bacon cheeseburger with honey-glazed donuts for buns), and the Deep-Fried Burger (which is a whole cheeseburger that has been deep-fried).

Cheese lovers can splurge into Zark’s cheesy burgers. The Four Cheese and Cream Cheese can surely satisfy your cheese cravings, but if not, you can go crazy on Cheesy Beast and Thunder Mac ’n’ Cheese.

One fun activity that is also famous in Zark’s is to finish the most enormous burgers in a specific amount of time. The Jawbreaker, which is three cheeseburgers in one, is available for a 5-minute challenge. The Tombstone, with 8 all-beef patties, is to be finished in 10 minutes. If you can finish these giants before the given time, your meal is free.

Big Tom’s Charbroiled Burger

As the name suggests, the process of making the patties involve cooking them over charcoal. Not only that. Big Tom’s always create patties from scratch, so what you are getting is guaranteed fresh and purely handmade.

The menu is straightforward. Double the cheese and the patty in the Double-Decker Cheeseburger. Put the pineapples in the Hawaiian Burger. Taste the homemade chorizo in the Chorizo Burger. Spicy and hot are what the Chili Con Carne Cheeseburger and the Jalapeño Kick can offer. In need of a breakfast fix? There’s Egg and Bacon Cheeseburger for you. No worries about the sides too. Every burger in Big Tom’s comes with fries.

Burger Joint

Satisfy your cravings in the famous Burger Joint!

This joint has been in Cebu for 20 years now and can be considered the oldest restaurant in Cebu when talking about burger joints. If you don’t know the history yet, Burger joint was started by a group of friends who love burgers. Now the joint is one of the establishments that bring pride to Cebu.

Bacon Mushroom Cheese still tops the bestsellers, although anything you choose would never disappoint. All the 13 burgers that the joint offers can be bought solo or with drinks and side.

One of the sides, the onion rings, also made the joint more popular. If you ask anybody who has eaten at Burger Joint, they would tell you to never miss a chance to order onion rings.

When thinking about where to eat in Cebu, there are actually a lot of options to choose from, but the burgers in Cebu are definitely going to be memorable.

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