Filipino Culture: The Colors That Shape Cebuanas

Learn more about the colors of Filipino culture in Cebu that helped shape Cebuanas today.

With more than 7000 islands that compose the beautiful country of the Philippines, Cebu is definitely one of the top favorite tourist destinations. The place is known to be the home of development, talent, festivities and not to mention beautiful Cebuanas.

True to its tagged name as The Queen City of the South, Cebu is indeed a royalty with its beauty. It is a paradise for those that love adventure and discovery. With an abundance of natural beauty stretching out from north to south, from mountains to seas, from historical stories to contemporary development, Cebu will amaze you. Yet what truly makes Cebu a wonder is the colors it possesses — the Filipino culture in Cebu. A beauty worth being seen by many.

The Filipino culture and values as well as its traditions produce a spectrum of colors that radiate all over the land. This has brought forth the many jewels of Cebu such as its festivals and beliefs. This culture has also made the true queens of the south making Cebu a real home of royalties — the Cebu women. These women have been shaped by these colors to possess qualities that are of a true Cebuana queen.

Red (Love and Bravery)

One of the most notable qualities that Cebuanas possess is how loving they are. These women are one of the most passionate ones when it comes to what they really love. Hence, when they find what they love, they give it their best shot. They are willing to take on the risks and even make necessary sacrifices for love. This is because they have the color red in them which has inculcated the value of love in the family allowing them to have the courage and become brave.

This color mirrors the way these women handle relationships. Cebuanas are not known for playing around. They are dead serious when it comes to commitment. Why? Because they always love and there is nothing more to tell than that.

Blue (Tranquility and Faith)

Bravery may be something that queens must possess in order to protect her territory, but she should also know how to calm a raging fire. She has to know how to put out the fire. With the Filipino women in Cebu, this is something that just comes naturally.

Cebuanas are known to have the talent to sing. Their voices are both powerful and sweet enough to pour water on the flame. With the blue color shaping them, they are well-equipped in taming the beast in any man not just with their sweet angel voices but also with their faith. This faith does not only mean religiously but also humanely. This is also why she never loses her hopes in any of her struggles.

White (Kindness and Purity)

The white color that makes up Cebuanas reflects their kindness and purity. Being raised in a country where society values tradition and Christianity, Cebuanas grew to be conservative. They value their chastity and believe that it should only be given right after marriage. Amidst being conservative, Cebuanas are quite open to people. They will not hesitate in lending a hand to whoever needs one.

Cebuanas are undeniably beautiful with a heart. Their hearts of gold are a product of the color white in their culture.

Yellow (Positivity and Happiness)

What will greet you when you set foot in Cebu? It’s the warm smiles of the Cebuanos. This is made possible because of the yellow color in their lives. You will easily feel at home because of how they welcome you with happiness regardless of your nationality. This is apparently the most commendable color that makes up Cebuanas — positivity, and happiness.

Cebuanas will amaze you with their optimism that even in the midst of difficult situations, they will still find positivity in it. They usually look at the brighter side of everything. This is why they don’t easily lose hope and they easily find happiness. They do not let anything take away the beautiful smile painted on their faces. This is one of the beauties these queens possess.

Cebuanas’ culture is indeed a blast of colors. These colors are reflected in the Filipino women characteristics they possess.The aforementioned colors are only some of the many more colors that could entirely describe Cebuanas. They are a treasure to be discovered and one that is worth any gold or diamond. These women are arguably the gem of the Queen City of the South and the one of the royalties of the Philippines.

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