Staying in a Hotel in Cebu Amidst the Coronavirus

Security guard at a hotel in Cebu

A security guard from a hotel in Cebu wears a mask, face shield, and gloves when welcoming guests.

As Cebu tourism finally peeks into the possibility of a full blown opening, you might have plans to spend a vacation on Cebu island. That begs the question, where do I stay? With many tourist attractions beginning to welcome guests as cases plummet, hotels and Airbnbs are also prepared to follow the required protocols to be allowed to operate. The virus is still pretty much alive in the air, and we still haven’t found a vaccine, so all we have left to protect ourselves is prevention. Staying in a hotel in Cebu is just as strict as when you enter the country, so here are some coronavirus prevention tips that you need to keep in mind.

1. Observe social distancing

Elevator of a hotel in Cebu

It is best to stay away from elevators that are filled with people to observe social distancing.

This should be second nature to everybody around these times. Social distancing will decrease the risk of you getting the virus. It is always best to stay away from other guests, and luckily, there are rules to make sure this is followed.

It would be best to skip a leisurely swim or go to the gym. It is quite risky since people crowd the area. There have been studies showing that the virus is stagnant in water, so you would think it would be safer. However, if you are really concerned, then maybe a dip in the pool isn’t the best thing for you. Gyms are risky since you will be sharing equipment with other people. Listen carefully to what your hotel says about using the equipment. If you are still on the fence about it, then you can find ways to work out within the confines of your hotel room.

Speaking of a workout, it’s also much safer to work out by taking the stairs. It is recommended that you avoid a crowded elevator, making the stairs the best option to get to your room. There are more options to work out in safer places, like an open park where you can have a few jogging laps.

If your itinerary consists of going to places outside the hotel, this should still be followed. There are so many things to do in Cebu, and you’re not wrong to think that there is a need for you to go out. Even taking a leisurely walk could be a good experience, but you never know where you could contract the virus, so always be vigilant with the things around you.

2. Be a boy scout

Woman walks with a bag along a hotel in Cebu

Wear a mask and bring as many items you might need if you want to get inside a hotel in Cebu.

Boy Scouts are known for always being ready. As such, you should be ready for anything when you travel to Cebu. It’s better to overpack than underpack. Make sure you always bring extra face masks, face shields, and alcohol when you travel. You’ll never know when you might need it.

It would also be a good idea to bring air purifiers in case it is a requirement to book a room. Hotels might have already installed some, but it is still a good idea to bring your own, especially if you plan to go outside.

There is also a need for you to research the places you will be going to. Before deciding on places to travel in Cebu, make sure that there aren’t a lot of infections left. This should be something to consider when deciding on where to stay in Cebu.

Research a list of hotels in Cebu that are catering to more guests to have an idea about the services that are offered and the things needed when you want to book a room.

3. Be careful about what you touch.

Bed in hotel in Cebu

Wear a mask and bring as many items you might need if you want to get inside a hotel in Cebu.

When you enter the room, you might need to sanitize it before using the facilities. Make sure to prevent touching walls and floors unless extremely necessary. This is often overlooked, but you never know who was using your room before you.

If you came from outside the hotel or just arrived from the airport, you should take a bath. This will sanitize your whole body from the germs and bacteria outside. It would also be better to wash the clothes you wore when you went out.

An article online suggests that you must put a towel on the floor of the bathroom to avoid touching places that could have been touched by previous inhabitants.

This could also be applicable when you eat. Just like when you eat at a fast food chain, you might be asked to sit in separate spaces to distance yourself from other guests. You can also order takeout through the many existing delivery services. This has become a more valuable option for many restaurants in Cebu, since most people are told to stay at home. If they can deliver to a person’s home, how much more to a tall high rise building?

A hotel in Cebu also installed a QR code on the tables for you to see the menu digitally. This is a good idea to stop the physical contact in sharing menus with other people.

4. Get tested

QR Code at a restaurant in a hotel in Cebu

Some hotels provide a QR code so that you won’t have to touch the menu.

One of the best things you can do to make sure that you and other guests will be safe when you travel is to get tested. It is a better assurance to know that you are negative from the virus when you get in the premises of the hotel to ensure the safety of everyone inside.

When you enter the hotel, you will still be met with temperature checks and filling out a form to log into the contact tracing list. Some make it much easier with an app that allows you to fill it out online. This is good so that you won’t be able to share pens with other guests who fill out the forms.

There is no knowing when this pandemic will end, so it is important that we stay vigilant and prepared for the worst to come. There is no news about a vaccine that could be mass produced to fully stop the spread of the virus, and all we can do right now is prevent it from infecting ourselves and others.

Lobby of a hotel in Cebu

Hotels are now opening up for more guests, but you should still be vigilant when getting inside.

These are things that you need to remember when you want to stay in a hotel in Cebu. All of these tips should be done everywhere, especially as the tourism industry is starting to get back on its feet with more sectors adjusting to the dwindling number of cases on the island. Let’s hope that there will be a day where we won’t be worried about infecting others when we travel in the many places in Cebu.

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