Philippine passport

How to Get a Philippine Passport in Cebu

A passport is a document issued by a government to its citizens for the purpose of international travel and identification. It’s the most reliable document accepted by airlines, immigration officials, and airport authorities.If you want to travel internationally but don’t have a Philippine passport yet, here are the steps you need to follow for your passport application.Disclaimer: As a result of the pandemic, travel policies and information have rapidly changed, and changes are being implemented to improve the situation. By reading this article, you agree to double-check and verify the information with the concerned authorities for the latest updates.

A smartphone with a folder of Ride-hailing Apps

Ride-Hailing Apps in Cebu
You Should Have On Your Phone

If you don’t know it already, ride-hailing apps are a must-have on your smartphone. When regular transportation disappoints, these software programs will come to the rescue, allowing you to book a ride to your desired destination.For years these apps have helped many travelers commute to work or visit dozens of tourist spots with ease and convenience. It is much faster than having to get on a regular public transport vehicle, and you even get to pinpoint your exact location.In Cebu, Transportation Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) apps are free to download. They offer four-seaters, six-seaters, and even motorcycle taxis, which have become ubiquitous around town, with dozens of drivers plying the streets any time of the day.

Boats at the shore of the Hermit’s Cove, what you'll experience retiring in Cebu

Here’s Why Retiring in Cebu
Is a Good Idea

Looking for the perfect place to settle down after retirement? Do you prefer the quiet provincial life or an exciting time around the city? Luckily for you, you can experience both lifestyles if you’re planning on retiring in Cebu.Many foreigners prefer Cebu because of the affordable cost of living, but some fall in love with the people and the culture. They love the carefree nature, the friendly faces, and the many tourist spots so much that they’d rather see them often.Since you’re thinking about retiring in Cebu, here are the top 4 reasons why it will be worth your while.

Cebuanos have a couple of things to remember when traveling the city

Ensuring Your Safety in Cebu |
Tips for a Better Stay

Cebu rakes in thousands of visitors every year because of its reputation as a famous tourist destination. The island is home to stunning beaches, tasty delicacies, and, most of all, friendly people.While it is a relatively safe place to live in, safety in Cebu should always remain a priority among locals and tourists. You need to be vigilant and remember a few important things when traveling around the city.For starters, here are a few safety hazards you might encounter when traveling around Cebu.

A bunch of Cebuanos posing for a picture at the beach

Cebuanos Are Known to
Have These Qualities

Filipinos are generally known for being some of the friendliest people in the world. You will always find a few locals who are happy to welcome you during your trip to the Philippines.You will find many of them walking around, smiling and laughing with friends, family, and neighbors.The island of Cebu revels in these people. Its popularity as a tourist destination has attracted many foreigners who have repeatedly complimented the friendliness of the Cebuanos.Locals are shameless in inviting visitors for a meal or giving travel recommendations. Once you get to meet these people, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from them.The following are a few notable personality traits commonly found among Cebuanos.

Cost of living in Cebu

The Cost of Living in Cebu
and Tips on Saving Money

Cebu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. Several tourist spots are full of lively and energetic people, and once you visit any of the island’s beaches, business centers, or historical landmarks, you will never want to leave.Luckily, the Philippines is one of the cheapest places to live for foreigners, and the cost of living in Cebu is much lower than that of the capital of Manila. Many foreigners have decided to live on the island to settle down and live a simpler lifestyle.Your daily expenses will vary based on your consumption or purchasing habits, but there are many ways for you to save up and make the most of your money here in Cebu.

Smartphone apps that might help when you are living in Cebu

Living in Cebu? Here Are
3 Most Useful Smartphone Apps

Your phone might be the most important of all your travel essentials. It’s your organizer, calendar, gaming device, and means of communication. Software companies have innovated the smartphone space with applications that make mundane tasks easier and more fun.Not all apps are available everywhere, though, especially in the Philippines. In the Queen City of the South, there are several apps that can be found on almost every single person’s phone. These are applications you should download when living in Cebu

The Cebu City Monument is a famous site to see for those living in Cebu

Living in Cebu: Culture Shock
and Interesting Things to Know

Culture shock is the feeling of disorientation you get when first subjected to an unfamiliar society and lifestyle. Many foreigners that decide on living abroad experience this phenomenon when they arrive in a foreign country.This is especially true for non-Filipinos who commit to living in Cebu. The decades of culture and change in the city are bound to make some foreigners a little uncomfortable.

Money Changers allow to convert to Philippine Peso

Exchange to Philippine Peso
at These Money Exchange Centers

Cash is king. In every vacation you take to a foreign country, exchanging your money to the respective currency should be the first and foremost thing to do. In the Philippines, the currency is the Philippine Peso. Having the right money in hand allows you to go to all kinds of famous tourist spots in Cebu, as well as buy some of the most popular Cebu products and delicacies. To get your money exchanged, you will need to stop by an ATM or a currency exchange center.

Bisaya Phrases You Should
Learn and Know

You may have plans to go to Cebu for a trip. A local comes up to you and asks for help. You barely know any Cebuano, what do you do? You may speak to them in English since most Cebuanos understand the English language very well, but there are some that struggle understanding. You may have plans to move here and experience all the wonderful things that the island has to offer. If you want to fit in, barely knowing the local dialect is not enough. You must be familiar with several Bisaya phrases that you might hear Cebuanos say.

Security guard at a hotel in Cebu

What It’s Like Staying in a
Hotel in Cebu Amidst the Virus

As Cebu tourism finally peeks into the possibility of a full blown opening, you might have plans to spend a vacation on Cebu island. That begs the question, where do I stay? With many tourist attractions beginning to welcome guests as cases plummet, hotels and Airbnbs are also prepared to follow the required protocols to be allowed to operate. The virus is still pretty much alive in the air, and we still haven’t found a vaccine, so all we have left to protect ourselves is prevention. Staying in a hotel in Cebu is just as strict as when you enter the country, so here are some coronavirus prevention tips that you need to keep in mind.

Welcome sign at the Osmeña Boulevard

What It’s Like to Travel to Cebu
Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Just like you, we’ve had a tough year. Surgical masks and face shields have become strict requirements, disinfectant alcohol is now more important than ever, and buying delicious meals from our favorite restaurants is now done mostly through online delivery services. Cabin fever has plagued us all year, but traveling to Cebu is becoming more bearable for us under the Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ).

Online Delivery man on bike

Highly Rated Online
Delivery Services in Cebu

While there are plenty of places to eat, drink, and party in Cebu, there are just days when you just want to wind down in your room. All that sightseeing does take its toll at some point. Or maybe your plans were thwarted because of a sudden change in weather and going outdoors is just not advisable.

Seeking to learn more about Cebuano culture, or wanting to know what to do once you arrive, Cebu Insights is the travel guide for you in Cebu!

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Ride-Hailing Apps in Cebu You Should Have On Your Phone

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