Historical places located in the Parian District in Cebu

Parian District: A Historical Tour of Colonial Cebu

Parian is home to some of the country’s oldest ancestral houses, along with other famous heritage ites. The term “Parian” is derived from an old Malay word used to identify a business district in a specific region.  In the Philippines, it also refers to a residential area where Chinese immigrants and traders are separated from other nationalities.  Cebu’s Parian district

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Collage of historical landmarks in Downtown Cebu

Historical Landmarks to Visit in Cebu’s Heritage District

There are several historical landmarks to check out in Cebu’s heritage district. The Cebu City Government has declared downtown Cebu a heritage district in an effort to preserve its centuries-old historical landmarks. The area is home to dozens of structures that have become go-to places where one can learn about Cebu’s past.  From old churches to ancestral houses, these buildings

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Cebu Monument-29

Cebu Heritage Monument and Its Fascinating History

The Cebu Heritage Monument summarizes the history of Cebu since the pre-colonial era. How much do you know about the history of Cebu? Historical places like museums and ancestral houses give you a glimpse of Cebu before it became a highly-urbanized city. One good example is the Cebu Heritage Monument, a structure consisting of several statues that represent significant people

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Street sign of Colon Street

Colon Street | Be Engrossed in the Country’s Oldest Street

Colon Street is known as a center for commerce, with all the shops and businesses running within the area. As the oldest national road in the Philippines, Colon Street is an essential landmark in Cebu. This kilometer-long street is considered a center for commerce because of its abundance of small and large-scale businesses. It is a haven for those shopping

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Wide shot of the Magellan’s Cross

Magellan’s Cross | An Important Christian Monument in Cebu

Magellan’s Cross is a reminder of how Christianity was brought to the Philippines. Christianity in the Philippines started in the 1500s when Spanish forces led by Ferdinand Magellan converted Rajah Humabon and his men. Magellan planted a large wooden cross on the first baptism site, which has become a notable symbol in Philippine history. The cross is a must-see monument,

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Tourist spots in Lapu-Lapu City

How Lapu-Lapu City Became the Famous Historic Resort City

Lapu-Lapu City is famous for its stunning beach resorts and relevant historical landmarks. High-end accommodation and a rich cultural heritage have given the city of Lapu-Lapu the moniker of Historic Resort City. Thousands of tourists visit this highly-urbanized city every year to either learn about the history of Cebu or experience luxury stays at some of the best beaches in

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