Two Airsoft competitors facing off

Airsoft Cebu: Introducing an Intense & Exciting Hobby

Airsoft Cebu enthusiasts can be seen enjoying this extreme activity despite the intense heat. There are a lot of Cebuano gamers. Smartphones and computer apps have games that include close combat, racing, crosswords, match three, and so much more.  Close combat games in particular have become popular among kids, teenagers, and adults alike. Such intense scenarios require skillful maneuvers and

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A tour guide dives into the turquoise waters of Kawasan Falls

New and Improved Kawasan Falls Reopens: 2023 Updates

Kawasan Falls, one of Cebu’s biggest tourist spots, opened to the public in October. (Photo courtesy of Department of Tourism – Central Visayas TISP) Kawasan Falls is arguably Cebu’s biggest tourist attraction. The turquoise water and picturesque outdoor surroundings of this three-tier waterfall system create the perfect backdrop for adventurers and adrenaline junkies alike. Unfortunately, it temporarily suspended operations for

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Want to make the most of your time and budget when going on a road trip? Check out our list of the top Cebu tourist spots in the north!

Northern Cebu Tourist Spots That Are Worth the Long Drive

Enjoy a road trip to some of the best Cebu tourist spots in the north! Which parts of Cebu do you frequently visit when going on road trips?  For starters, you can never go wrong with heading south or north because there is a lot to love about Cebu island.  The southern part of Cebu is famous for its many

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nstagram logo infront of pictures of instagrammable spots in Cebu

These Instagrammable Spots in Cebu Deserve Your Attention

Bring out your camera phones when visiting these Instagrammable spots in Cebu. Cebu is undeniably a beautiful place. With countless lush outdoor locales and architectural wonders, you can expect a lot of eye candy around the island. Throughout the years, many Instagrammable spots have gotten the attention of locals and foreigners on social media. These travel photos can enhance one’s

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Lato-Lato sold at a mall in Cebu City

Why Lato-Lato Is Taking over the Streets of the Philippines

Lato-Lato took over Filipino culture in 2023. Clack, clack, clack. This sound has been echoing the streets of Cebu for the past few months. The ever-present clacking has started a storm within the country because of a viral trend online. The clacking sound comes from the Lato-Lato, an old iconic toy in the Philippines that has resurfaced among the current

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Wide shot of the Cebu IT Park

Nightlife at Cebu IT Park: Lively Places to Go after Hours

Cebu IT Park houses over 55,000 employees from around the island in a dozen call centers and multinational companies. Along with its various restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls, it is one of the busiest areas in Cebu City. Most people go to IT Park for work, but others enjoy the many hotspots that have been around since its inception 23

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