Wide shot of the interiors of a movie theater

The Best Cinemas in Cebu for Local and International Films

Of all the cinemas, which one is your favorite? Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels Everyone loves movies, and we all have our fair share of memorable moments watching a movie at the cinema. After all, this is one of the few places where we can enjoy a world outside of reality. As you get older, watching movies becomes the

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Four tanning chairs at the edge of cliff for some Bleisure Travel activities

Bleisure Travel Activities to Try in Cebu Philippines

Turn a quick business trip into a memorable bleisure travel experience.  Photo by Hitoshi Namura on Unsplash Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul. In some cases, your job can take you on an adventure, especially when it’s through an all-expense paid business trip. This helps bridge the gap between business partners who are located in different parts of

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Collage of places and activities to do for a Southern Cebu itinerary

A Cebu Itinerary for the Best Tourist Spots in the South

Our Cebu itinerary includes a list of fun and exciting outdoor activities. There are around 25 towns and municipalities in south Cebu, each with their own set of delicacies, tourist attractions, and cultural landmarks. That being said, tourists carefully organize their Cebu itinerary, highlighting the several must-visit locales on this side of the island. The south is full of impressive

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A tourist jumps into the crystal clear waters during the Badian Canyoneering adventure

Badian Canyoneering: An Exciting Adventure at Kawasan Falls

You definitely won’t regret adding Badian canyoneering to your Cebu itinerary. The Philippines has some of the world’s most breathtaking natural wonders. A Badian canyoneering adventure is the perfect activity to prove it. Located in south Cebu, you will be exploring the deepest jungles of the countryside to traverse natural terrain surrounded by stunning rock formations and free-flowing rivers. It

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View of the CCLEX from the pedestrian lane

Jogging at the CCLEX: Tips and Guidelines for a Safe Run

This is your sign to start jogging at the CCLEX. Would you like to go for a run along the longest bridge in the Philippines? Since the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway or CCLEX opened its pedestrian lanes, fitness junkies have turned this massive structure into a jogging route. The one-way route spans 9 kilometers, starting from Cebu South Road Properties (SRP)

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Aerial shots of the Circle at TOPS

What TOPS Visitors Are Saying about the Revamped Structure

TOPS has a more modern look because of its newest structure, The Circle. After a year-long renovation, TOPS introduces The Circle: a newly revamped structure with five floors overlooking a picturesque landscape of Cebu City.  Aside from the view and the ambiance, there are several new food and beverage stalls to make your stay more worthwhile. There are plans for

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