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Cebu's Little Amsterdam

The quiet village of Sirao is a flower farm hotspot.Two of the biggest flower gardens in Cebu City call this quiet mountain town home.The original Sirao Flower Garden houses a selection of flora, the most prominent being Celosia. This is mostly seen at Keukenhof in the Netherlands, one of the world’s biggest flower gardens.

Main cabin of the Adlawon Vacation Farm

Adlawon Vacation Farm:
The Beautiful Provincial Life

Ever wanted to experience living in the countryside? Urban life has its advantages, but the simplicity of the rural areas could be more rewarding. You and a couple of your friends can try this when you drive up to the Adlawon Vacation Farm.This 15 hectare farm stay is hidden among the mountains of the city and is accessible through the Cebu Transcentral Highway, which is known for its calming ambiance and scenery.

Minimalist bike at the Buwakan ni Alejandra in Balamban

The Famous Balamban Flower Garden, Buwakan ni Alejandra

The municipality of Balamban has utilized its picturesque mountains to create some of the most attractive places in Cebu. High-altitude restaurants and impressive gardens are very common in this northwestern town.That being said, the iconic flower farm, Buwakan ni Alejandra, has gained a lot of popularity among travelers around the area. This 700 square meter garden houses 200 varieties of the most amazing flora you will ever see.

Flowers in Flower gardens all over Cebu

Must-Visit Flower Gardens in Cebu

We spend most days working and dealing with everyday life. It is normal for us to find ways to break free from stress and worries. Having flowers in your home can provide happy emotions. Studies show that flowers bring positive moods to people. A bouquet can be your daily dose of happiness, but flower gardens can be heavenly.In Cebu, more flower attractions open their doors to the public. Here are the must-visit flower gardens in Cebu for your next escapade.

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