The Serene Sirao Flower Garden | Cebu’s Little Amsterdam

The Landscape at the Sirao Flower Garden

A field of flowers and observation towers create the perfect atmosphere at Sirao Flower Garden.

The quiet village of Sirao is a flower farm hotspot.

Two of the biggest flower gardens in Cebu City call this quiet mountain town home.

The original Sirao Flower Garden houses a selection of flora, the most prominent being Celosia. This is mostly seen at Keukenhof in the Netherlands, one of the world’s biggest flower gardens.

This helped paved the way for the creation of the farm’s moniker, “The Little Amsterdam of Cebu.”

The massive flower farm is a favorite among foreigners and locals.


Around 20 different species of flowers, a couple of observation towers, and several pictorial areas cover 1.2 hectares of land for visitors to frolic and prance around.

You may get up close and personal with the flowers and pose for photos surrounded by the colorful petals, but it is discouraged to pick them out of the ground to preserve the garden’s natural beauty.

The location will remind you of a simpler lifestyle, as the ambiance and relaxing breeze are akin to the atmosphere in the countryside towns on the island.

Its observation towers offer a bird’s eye view of the entire area, creating a better perspective to see the lush meadows and stunning flower arrangements.

Flowers at Little Amsterdam

The variety of flowers in the area make for a very memorable Cebu tourist spot.

Like many of the garden’s visitors, your Sirao experience wouldn’t be complete without being cupped by the “Caring Hands,” which may be the garden’s most famous highlight.


Caring Hands in Sirao’s Little Amsterdam
Caring Hands in Sirao’s Little Amsterdam

The Caring Hands is a popular spot in Sirao where many visitors take stunning pictures of themselves, as if being carried into the clouds.

Shaped like two hands rising from the ground with a flight of stairs between them, it is a magnificent attraction that offers many photogenic angles as you stand or sit atop its palms. Most of all, it gives an exquisite view of the green pastures below.

Other notable locations in the garden include the private yet romantic Proposal Area, the short but fascinating footbridge, and the cramped but enjoyable Combi.

Sirao Flower Garden’s Proposal Area

Several observation towers and picture-perfect spots can be found all around the flower farm.

The second flower farm in the area, the Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site, is newer and closer to the main road.

It still has the same vast fields of flowers, pictorial areas, and observation towers, and the only difference is that they have a swimming pool.

The Sirao Flower Garden is accessible through the Cebu Transcentral Highway, which has featured the beauty of the mountains in the Philippines by setting up all kinds of establishments for everyone to enjoy.

There is nothing like experiencing the nature of Cebu when you visit untouched areas with lush greenery and a clean and ambient atmosphere.

On your way to Sirao, there is also a list of places that you can visit and explore. These include the Temple of Leah, Gaslamp District, and Mountain View Resort.


8 AM – 6 PM Daily


Children (below 10 years old) – 50 Php
Adults – 100 Php
Senior Citizens and PWDs – 80 Php


Your best option to commute to Sirao is via habal-habal at JY Square in Barangay Lahug. Fare will be around 100 Php.

This renowned Cebu tourist spot has been sought after by many bloggers and travelers because of its tranquil aura and gorgeous horizon. These are key factors of the flower garden’s massive popularity.

When traversing the Cebu Transcentral Highway, make sure to give the Sirao Flower Garden a visit. Don’t miss the chance to witness and experience this natural marvel.

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