Wide shot of the Kawasan Falls surrounded by rocks and leaves

Kawasan Falls Badian: A Must-Visit Attraction in the South

Experience the exquisite turquoise waters at the iconic Kawasan Falls. Among all of Cebu’s natural wonders, no place has garnered more acclaim than Kawasan Falls. Located in Matutinao, Badian, the soothing, free-flowing freshwater and remote jungle backdrop make for a serene paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Many will agree that it is the best place to unwind

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Cold spring in Southern Cebu

Southern Cebu Low-Cost Summer Getaway Spot: Obong Spring

Up for a swim? Obong Spring is the perfect budget-friendly tourist spot in Southern Cebu! If you’re traveling to the Philippines, a relaxing plunge into clear blue waters is a must. The country is home to some of the best natural marine attractions, not only limited to beaches and islands. They offer different sensations, but the relaxation and entertainment is

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Cebu springs

Fantastic Springs to Visit When You’re in Cebu This Summer

Visit any of these cold springs. While there are definitely popular Cebu beaches worth visiting, there’s more to Cebu than just beaches. When it comes to the landscape of Cebu, the entire province has one of the most unique mountain ranges in the country. Because of its unique landscape, the province has some noteworthy streams, rivers, and lakes. During the

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