Southern Cebu Low-Cost Summer Getaway Spot: Obong Spring

Up for a swim? Obong Spring is the perfect budget-friendly tourist spot in Southern Cebu!

If you’re traveling to the Philippines, a relaxing plunge into clear blue waters is a must.

The country is home to some of the best natural marine attractions, not only limited to beaches and islands. They offer different sensations, but the relaxation and entertainment is all the same to both locals and tourists.

You don’t even need to save tons of money to visit these places, especially with one natural spring located in the Southern Cebu town of Dalaguete.

There are many places to go for a swim on the island, Obong Spring being one of the most affordable spots. Unlike the more high-end Dalaguete beach resorts, this natural marine attraction will cost you less than 20 to have a one-of-a-kind experience.

Unlike other Dalaguete beach resorts, you will be paying very little to experience this amazing spot.

As you go down the steps, the huge pool of spring water will get you giddy and excited. It’s said to fit 1000 people, so expect this to be a pretty busy place whenever you visit.

The source of the water comes from the huge Dalakit tree situated inside the spring. A local tale claims that this tree has been standing for 400 years, and it is where the name of the town was derived from.

The Dalakit tree is said to be the source of the spring water.

The cold water is similar to other springs in Cebu, like Molobolo in Tuburan and Durano Eco Farm in Carmen. The blue green waters will also remind you of waterfalls, like Kawasan in Badian.

The spring is also connected to the ocean, so expect to taste a little saltwater. At the bottom, there are a few white sand particles and some moss, making it pretty comfortable to walk around in. They also have a few floaters to add to your enjoyment as you swim.

To top it all off, the entrance fee is criminally low for a tourist spot this alluring. With that, you can save up some money to go to other famous tourist spots in town. There are mountains to climb and trails to trek. Just be sure to prepare your itinerary before heading down to this provincial area of Cebu.

If you’re not looking for mountains to climb in Dalaguete, be sure to give this relaxing spring a visit!

How To Get There:

If you’re going to commute, you can take a bus at Cebu South Bus Terminal that will go straight to Dalaguete. You will know you’re near once you pass by the Ocean Bay Beach Resort. Once you see the signage of the spring, just go straight ahead.

This will be a long ride from the city since you will be passing other famous towns in Southern Cebu, such as Argao, Sibonga, Carcar, and Alcoy, depending on the route the bus will be taking.

You can bring a personal vehicle and navigate the place using Waze or Google Maps, but make sure to fuel up since the trip will be over two hours long.

Unfortunately, there are barely any taxis in the provincial areas, but you can also ride a habal-habal at the town proper to get there.


  • Entrance Fee: ₱10
  • Cottages: ₱200-₱400 depending on the size
  • Corkage Fee: None


  • Cars: ₱20
  • Motorcycles: ₱5

The springs is open from 9am – 5pm

Other Southern Cebu Tourist Attractions in Dalaguete:

As mentioned, Dalaguete is famous for its many peaks and mountains. You can climb up Osmeña and Casino Peak, two famous destinations among trekkers.

The town is also known for its San Guillermo de Aquitania Church, one of the oldest in Cebu. Its iconic design is very reminiscent of the other big churches on the island, such as the ones in the neighboring towns of Argao and Boljoon.

Dalaguete Beach park is another famous go-to place where you can take a relaxing swim. This white sand beach is arguably the municipality’s most famous beach resort, and just like Obong, you will barely pay a bill to get in. It’s a little further away from the spring, but closer to the town proper, so it will be easier to find a ride back home after your visit.

Obong Spring is one of the cheapest tourist spots around. This Southern Cebu gem will definitely help you relax under the sun and make the experience very worthwhile. The distance and travel time can be overwhelming, so prepare yourself for a road trip. Once you arrive, the blue waters will be begging you to get in. It will only take a few coins, so there will be nothing to worry about.

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