Wide shot of the Boljoon Church

Boljoon Church: Stolen Panels from the 1980s Resurfaced

This is the Boljoon Church, also known as the Patrocinio de Maria Church. Many Catholic Filipinos, especially from Cebu, are familiar with the Boljoon Church.  This is one of the only Spanish colonization era parishes still standing, with its centuries-old architecture and design. It is also one of the oldest Augustinian churches in Cebu. In 2024, the Boljoon Church gained

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Simala Shrine

Simala Shrine: The Magnificent Castle-Like Church in Cebu

The Simala Shrine is an iconic church in Cebu that welcomes thousands of visitors every day. Cebuanos regard the Simala Shrine as one of the most beautiful churches in the Philippines. Located atop an uphill area in the southern town of Sibonga, this Catholic church is famous for its castle-like design and the alleged miraculous incident that took place inside.

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A collage of the Sacred Places in Cebu

Sacred Places in Cebu and Their Historical Significance

Learn about the religious history of Cebu through these sacred places. The Philippines ranks third as the country with the most Catholics in the world. Over the years, Catholicism has played a vital role in the lives of Filipinos and continues to do so to this day. As the first Filipinos to convert to religion in 1521, Cebuanos have built

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A collage of the most popular Southern Cebu churches

Superb Southern Cebu Churches and Their Classic Architecture

Churches in Southern Cebu have a very detailed architecture that makes them great tourist spots. The Philippines is a melting pot for beautiful churches. The impressive architecture has lasted for several decades, and many of these are located in Southern Cebu. Churches in the province are very different from the ones in the city. The San Pedro Calungsod Chapel, for

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Pagoda style roofs at the Cebu Taoist Temple

Cebu Taoist Temple: A Walk into Chinese History

The Cebu Taoist Temple is a great place for prayers and photos thanks to its Chinese pagoda design. Taoism, aka Daoism, believes that there is a strong force that guides us in our lives. Based on the writings of Lao Tzu, this religion follows “Living according to the way” focusing on humility and piety. This driving force guided the Cebuano

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Wide shot of the Temple of Leah

The Beautiful Temple of Leah: A Man’s Dedication of Love

The Greco-Roman architectural design of the Temple of Leah makes it a beautiful sight in some of the city’s mountain barangays. Teodorico Adarna has done one of the craziest things in the name of love. The most over-the-top act you can think of pales in comparison to his dedication to his significant half. In the quiet, mountainside town of Busay

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