Pieces of puso stacked

The Fascinating History of Puso in Cebu

Puso is a famous delicacy that Cebuanos love to pair with various Filipino dishes. Many Cebu street food stalls and small-scale eateries are known for selling the famous puso. This diamond-shaped delicacy is the go-to choice to pair with any pork, beef, chicken, or seafood dish, thanks to its affordable price and value. This is made by putting rice inside

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Collage of famous Cebuano dishes

Irresistible Cebuano Dishes You Should Try at Least Once

Of all the scrumptious Filipino dishes in the Philippines, which ones scream Cebuano? The Queen City of the South is a haven for Filipino restaurants, but it may be difficult to distinguish which dish or delicacy is originally from Cebu. The island is one of the oldest settlements in the country and was the birthplace of Catholicism in the Philippines

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Wide shot of the Big Brain, a Tuslob Buwa restaurant in Kasambagan

Tuslob Buwa and Street Food at Big Brain

Try some flavorful tuslob buwa at Big Brain in Kasambagan, Cebu City. Filipinos are very resourceful with their food. Many delicacies from the Philippines are made from unusual ingredients like animals’ internal organs, and among them is a Cebuano specialty that has become a rather famous food trip favorite.  Tuslob Buwa is a bubbly gravy-like substance made out of a

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Entrance of Filipino Barbecue restaurant Coco Sugba

Cooking Your Own Filipino Barbecue at Coco Sugba

Coco Sugba uses traditional Filipino barbecue for a fresh, new dining experience. Sampgyupsal restaurants are a booming business all around Cebu. The fun experience of cooking your own Korean Barbecue has made these restaurants quite popular among Cebuanos.  However, Filipino barbecue has also become a large part of the island’s favorite places to eat, as the different grilled pork, chicken,

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Torta from Chitang’s

Torta: The Delectable Dessert Turned Cultural Symbol

Not only is it a delicious dessert, but it’s also an integral part of the culture of Argao. Many Cebu towns are associated with the special delicacies sold in their locality. The cities of Carcar and Talisay have their Lechon, while the municipality of Liloan has the Rosquillos.  In Southern Cebu, one town is famous for its classic sponge cake

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Fish sold at a Sutukil restaurant

Sutukil: The Seafood Obsession in Cebu

Eating fresh seafood is a very important part of the Cebuano way of life. Cebu is home to some of the best foods that the Philippines can offer, from lechon (roasted pig) to Cebuano delicacies. However, nothing shouts Cebuano cuisine more than sutukil—a traditional preparation and cooking method for seafood. Fishing has always been a popular livelihood in Cebu because

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