Gaslamp District, the Transcentral Highways newest bike stop.

Gaslamp District: A Food Paradise
on the Mountains of Busay

While public transport took a back seat during quarantine, other forms of transportation filled the void. Bicycles in particular have become a popular mode of transport for traveling around Cebu.Cycling has also become a prominent form of exercise, with fitness junkies traveling to notable areas like the man-made forest in Minglanilla and the mountain barangays of the city.

Sugbo Mercado at night

Two Sugbo Mercado Branches
Reopen after Typhoon Rai

After the extreme damage that several establishments underwent due to Typhoon Rai back in December 2021, no one would have thought that restaurants and food parks would be back in business so soon. After a month, to be exact.Both Sugbo Mercado branches in CBP (Cebu Business Park) and IT Park have been fully operational after a month of restoration.

Wooden seats outside the Sugbo Mercado at the SM Seaside

SM Seaside Opens the Exciting
Sugbo Mercado at Sky Park

Cebu’s beloved food park attraction Sugbo Mercado is obviously not content with just a couple of branches, as they recently opened a sixth branch at SM Seaside.The new branch, however, will be situated at Sky Park, a recreational park designed by renowned Cebuano artist Kenneth Cobonpue.

Visit Werpa Food Park for a
Fun Food Trip in Cebu!

Food parks are all the rage nowadays. For some, they are the best places for a food trip in Cebu. They offer a wide selection of savory meals and sweet treats that will definitely satisfy your palate.Places like Sugbo Mercado, Yahay, and The Market are staples, and there are many various food parks in every town or city. Now, a new establishment has come to town, and it’s located in one of the busiest areas in the city.

Flyers hanging from atop a colorful food park

The Grid Food Park in Talamban:
A Creative’s New Home

Cebuanos are a dexterous bunch of Filipinos. With a paintbrush and coloring materials, they have showcased their artistic flair, and their expertise in the kitchen has satisfied many hungry patrons. Those skills are in full display at a food park in Talamban, which aims to create an expressive backdrop above an irresistible potluck.The Grid in Nasipit is a spot for the future Van Goghs and the aspiring Bourdains of the Queen City of the South. This colorful cargo container concoction carries quality cooking and creative crafts into a perfect hangout spot. This roadside stopover has tons of selections for a food trip, but has some interesting qualities that make it more than what it seems.

J Center Mall Food Court with Blue Sky Ceiling

A Heavenly Stroll at the J Center Mall Venetian Food Haven

J Center Mall is one of the newer contenders in the battle for the best Cebu mall. Though it doesn’t have the same scale as the veterans, it has the metaphorical firepower to compete. In fact, they went guns blazing to set up a food court that could definitely get a podium as the best one in Cebu. You may not consider the food court as the best part of a mall, but J Center could change that perception.

Food parks for the best food trip in Cebu

Top Places to Have the
Best Food Trip in Cebu

Everyone loves a good meal. Eating is a hobby that even your grandma and grandpa enjoy. People of all ages find happiness in trying all sorts of food, up until they get to decide which ones are their favorites. It has turned food parks into a sensation that garnered crowds of locals and foreign tourists alike. The enduring allure stems from a combination of good food, relaxing ambiance, and an overall memorable experience.

Entrance of The Market in Mandaue City

Mandaue City’s Container Van
Sugbo Mercado: The Market

Everybody knows about IT Park’s lifestyle hub Sugbo Mercado. This food park is one of the Cebuanos’ favorite go-to food trip spots. It is a relaxing place for you to sit down and pass the time after a long, busy day. But what if you don’t live near IT Park? What if you live in Lapu-Lapu, or somewhere near the airport? Or perhaps you’re renting an AirBnb in the countryside? Luckily, food parks have become more popular than ever, and Sugbo Mercado has brought its trademark chill eating experience to Mandaue City.

Sugbo Mercado signage

Sugbo Mercado: Exploring Cebu’s
Best Street Food Bazaar

The Cebuano food park craze arguably started when Sugbo Mercado welcomed food enthusiasts, travelers, and even audiophiles to a new hip hangout destination. The park allowed foodies to try all kinds of foods and treats that they would not otherwise try in various local markets. Soon, more parks with a similar concept emerged, and the brand of the Cebu City nightlife in IT Park swept Cebuanos away. Though there are many like it, nothing can top the “OG” street food phenomenon that is the Sugbo Mercado.

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