Little Santorini Mountain Resort: Liloan's Hidden Hotspot

The luscious green mountains of Cebu are ideal spots for trekking, camping, and exploring. The cold breeze and the magnificent view make it a perfect weekend vacation spot.This kind of atmosphere has inspired all sorts of establishments to set up resorts situated within the island’s many mountain ranges. The Cebu Transcentral Highway has many visitors because of the abundance of these relaxing spots, but the northern municipality of Liloan also has one that is frequented by many.

The entrance of Waterworld, the biggest water park in Cebu.

Welcome to WaterWorld,
the Biggest Water Park in Cebu!

Beaches and resorts are major reasons to visit the Philippines.However, some refuse to have sandy shorts or algae in the water. Luckily, swimming pools and water slides provide a good atmosphere — maybe even better.These attractions are abundant in the newest water park in Cebu, WaterWorld, which hopes to become the best weekend getaway this summer.

Facade and pool of the Cebu Westown Lagoon

Cebu Westown Lagoon:
Mandaue’s Lively Water Park

Summer is one of the most fun times for Cebuanos. The heat may be unbearable, but there are so many places to cool off.Islands and resorts in the Philippines can be expensive and far, but subsequently, water parks offer a budget friendly and accessible attraction for those who love to take a dip. One of these attractions is the Cebu Westown Lagoon, where families and barkadas can have a blast.

Standee at Crocolandia

Crocolandia: A Jurassic Park
without the Dinos

Crocodiles are said to have walked the earth long before the dinosaurs did. Their reptilian features have brought nightmares to youths worldwide, but they need to be preserved. That is what Crocolandia hopes to accomplish, by keeping these cold-blooded animals in a safe environment. This Talisay City tourist spot is a very popular field trip destination, but its impact does not only affect young students.Crocolandia is a wildlife conservation center for some of the world’s biggest crocs — not the slippers, but ponds of real-life crocodiles swimming in the murky water and crawling in the muddy grass as the center’s main attractions.

Cebu Ocean Park facade

Cebu Ocean Park: Things to Do in Cebu’s Biggest Oceanarium

The Animal Kingdom is too vast to take a grasp of every species and their nomenclature that have been recorded throughout millennia. Amphibians, aves, and reptiles are found in many places in the world that a regular citizen like you would have to shell out some cash to go and visit these places. But the birth of zoos, sanctuaries, and adventure parks makes it so that you could witness these beautiful creations personally without the need of a plane ticket. The Philippines is home to thousands of beaches and oceans, and several tourist spots that will make your visit all the more worthwhile. Cebu Ocean Park is indeed a notable Cebu tourist spot, as it is starting to become the city’s best educational tourist attraction for your inner Steve Irwin.

Mountain Resorts in Cebu

Mountain Resorts in Cebu

There are different ways to release stress or to celebrate something. One way is going to the beach. But if it is too crowded for you, you will surely look for something more quiet. In that case, mountain resorts in Cebu are where you should go.The mountains in Cebu are not only good for trekking and climbing. They are also good places to find resorts far away from the busy city. Here are the top mountain resorts in Cebu for you to explore

A group in Anjo World thinks about fun things to do

Fun Things to Do |
Cebu Recreational Activities

Cebu Island is known to be a treasure trove of sights and experiences. From the breathtaking view of the overlooking places to the calming beaches, Cebu is full of fun things to do perfect for every kind of traveler.As a progressive island, Cebu does not run short of establishments and activities that can ignite the senses. Either you are planning for a solo trip or with your friends or families, there is a perfect recreational spot in Cebu for a weekend getaway.

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