Check Out the Best Swimming Pool Resorts in Cebu City!

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Looking for a new summer vacation spot? Visit these dazzling swimming pool resorts in Cebu City!

Swimming is a favorite summer pastime among Cebuanos. Because of the country’s climate, many beaches on the island have become highly sought-after tourist attractions for a summer vacation. 

However, some of the best beaches in Cebu are located in far-flung areas that may need hours to get there. Luckily, you can enjoy the dozens of swimming pool resorts in the city. 

These places are much more accessible than public beaches and have more establishments close by for your convenience. You can either stay overnight or avail the day-use option.

Each resort varies in pool size and amenities. Some are spacious enough for large gatherings, while others have special facilities to satisfy the adrenaline junkie in you. 

Another great thing about the swimming pool resorts in the city is that you don’t need a private vehicle to get to them. Several public transportation options are available for locals and tourists alike. 


  • Cebu Westown Lagoon in Mandaue City

Cebu Westown Lagoon is a family-favorite summer vacation spot in Mandaue.

If you’re bringing some kids with you, they will definitely love Cebu Westown Lagoon. This recreational area offers a relaxing environment for both children and adults.

Cebu Westown has two main pools – the kiddie pool, which has a small playground with slides and sprinklers in the middle, and an adult pool with a bar and slides for an adrenaline-pumping experience.

If you prefer less rigorous activities, you can hang out at the resort’s jacuzzi or lie down on the tanning beds that are situated by the pools. 

There are rooms for overnight stays and cottages for day-use visitors. There is no corkage fee unless you bring Lechon or your own alcoholic drinks, which costs P500 each. 

Entrance Fee: 

Day Use: P250

Night Use: P200

Children under 4 feet get a P100 discount, while infants can enter for free.

  • Waterworld in Mandaue City

Waterworld in Mandaue City is the island’s biggest water park.

Another swimming pool in Mandaue City is the island’s biggest waterpark, Waterworld. Located near Marcelo B. Fernan Bridge, you will instantly notice their huge rides as you pass by the area.

This swimming pool resort has many exhilarating slides that you and your friends can enjoy while sitting on a large floater. Some slides will also forcefully shoot you downward from extremely high places for a more thrilling experience.

Other than that, Waterworld has a large wave pool, which is one of the biggest on the island. It’s extremely huge and the waves will give you an entirely different experience.

Entrance Fee:

Weekdays: P400 (Promo Rate)
Weekends: P500 (Promo Rate)

  • Mountain View Resort Nature Park on Cebu Transcentral Highway 

For relaxing accommodation in Busay, book a stay at Mountain View Nature Park.

Cebu Transcentral Highway also has a couple of swimming pool resorts that take advantage of the breathtaking mountain ranges of the city. These have become must-visit attractions for both locals and tourists. 

Mountain View Resort Nature Park is located a few meters from the Temple of Leah in Busay. It is commonly used as accommodation for TCH road-trippers, but it’s mostly famous because of the dazzling swimming pool area.

Their pool is perfect for any kind of social gathering. You can go swimming while enjoying the picturesque view all around. 

Mountain View also has an infinity pool if you want to take some photos of the island’s solemn countryside. It’s quite small, so it could serve as a spot for some fun conversations with friends and family. 

Entrance Fee:

3 Years and Above: P50

Swimming Pool Rates:

Weekdays (3 feet or more): P100

Weekdays (less than 3 feet): P75

Weekends and Holidays (3 feet or more): P150

Weekends and Holidays (less than 3 feet): P75

  • Busay Holiday Pools on Cebu Transcentral Highway

Busay Holiday Pools is a more budget-friendly option for a swimming pool resort.

A few meters from Mountain View is one of the more budget-friendly swimming pool resorts in Cebu City. For a cheap entrance fee, you can cool off in the pools while enjoying the view of the luscious mountains around you.

Busay Holiday Pools has four swimming pools you can swim in. Three are made for kids, while the biggest one is for adults. Each pool is on a different platform level with cottages and tables nearby to keep your belongings safe. 

Some pools also have benches directly on the edge of the pool with the mountains in the background. This could be a great spot for some pictures or to just sit back and relax. 

Aside from this, the resort also has a couple of rooms you can stay in, as well as a footbridge for you to stand and enjoy the scenery. 

Entrance Fee: 

Adults: P100

Children below four feet: P75

If you’re looking for a beach alternative, these swimming pool resorts are pretty good options since they are within the city and they have fun amenities that both children and adults can enjoy. 

There are many more you can look for, and all of them will give you a wonderful experience to let off some steam and relax. Since they are closer to the city, you will have all the time to witness the other beautiful tourist spots nearby. 

Take note of these swimming pool resorts so that you know where to go to unwind after a stressful week. These aren’t just great locations for a summer getaway, they are also perfect hangout spots any time of the year!

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