Christmas is one of the most important holidays in the Philippines. It is when families and loved ones gather together and celebrate the season of giving. Christmas lights brighten up the evening and huge ornaments hang on the walls of every Filipino home. There are many Christmas destinations in Cebu that all turn into a wonderland for the public to see. From malls to parks, you will definitely feel the spirit of Christmas in the air.

Any of these holiday attractions are an ideal place to visit, whether during the day or at night. During the evening, the sky lights up with red, white, and green. You can expect a lot of Christmas decorations in many of the famous tourist spots in Cebu.

Mandaue City is one of the biggest cities on the island of Cebu. It is home to some of the most popular hotels and malls, bringing in many tourists every year. You can say that it competes with Cebu City in terms of the number of businesses and tourist spots. One notable tourist attraction is the Mandaue City Hall, sometimes called the Mandaue Presidencia. Outside of it, there is a park where you can relax and take a breather. It is also home to Mandaue’s biggest creative contribution to the advent season.

The City of Naga in Southern Cebu is famous for the Dagitab Festival, the Festival of Lights, celebrated during the Christmas season. During this celebration, dancers from all around the city dance to upbeat music and use lights of different hues and shades to make their performances memorable. December is the month where Nagahanons really shine, especially at the City of Naga Boardwalk, which is the go-to hangout spot for anyone in the city. Indeed, this is the home of one of Cebu’s finest Christmas displays.

In Cebu City, the Fuente Osmeña Circle is a popular go-to place for any resident. Located in the dead center of the city, Fuente is home to the busiest traffic and loudest sidewalks. Every person who has been to Cebu has heard of or has gone to Fuente. Being one of the most popular nature parks in the city definitely helps. However, Fuente becomes something bigger, something grander when the yuletide season starts.

If you browsed the web recently, you may have seen a tear-jerking short animated film from Disney. It depicts the Christmas celebration in the Philippines where a young girl and her lola (Filipino term for Grandmother) makes a Filipino Christmas lantern. Filipinos worldwide showed their pride after a big part of their culture was shown in the media conglomerate. With no dialogue and only imagery, this was a great depiction of the Christmas season in the Philippines.

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