BakeSpace Cebu: Create Your Own Delicious Desserts!

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Welcome to BakeSpace, the first experiential baking studio in Cebu!

Many people think that baking is an extremely fun activity. Creating your favorite sweet treats and guilty pleasures may be just as memorable as consuming them for snacks or desserts

The whole process can be tedious for some, but you will definitely get the hang of it and even master it with enough experience. You just need to know where to start.

Learn how to create your favorite desserts at this baking studio.

BakeSpace is Cebu’s first experiential baking studio. It provides customers the opportunity to make and personalize baked goods like cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. 

This DIY baking studio allows you to design and customize your dessert in whatever way you like. You can bake them by yourself or with a friend for a fun, memorable experience. 

Located at the Paseo Arcenas business center in Banawa, BakeSpace serves as a starting point for learning baking basics that you can apply at home. 


The studio allows you to learn some baking basics which you can apply at home.

You may have little to no experience, but you can still create your favorite desserts at BakeSpace. With extensive guides and the studio’s skilled trainers ready to assist you, beginners will find this activity much easier.

Each baking station is given a tablet with a presentation of the steps to making your chosen dessert. You can read the written text or watch the visual aid to better understand the instructions. 

In case you get confused, the studio’s resident trainers will be more than happy to assist you. 

There is no need to measure any ingredients, since everything is pre-measured beforehand. Trainers will have all the necessary ingredients plus an apron ready so that you can begin right away. 

Baking tools such as mixing bowls, spatulas, and scrapers are kept inside storage drawers right below the baking station. 

BakeSpace uses high-end ovens and mixers to make applying each step more accurate and efficient. These can be a bit difficult to use at first, but you will eventually get the hang of them.  

You can either enjoy your treats at home or at the store’s loft on the second floor. Their colorful pastel chairs make for a vibrant backdrop for photos.


Cupcakes are said to be the most popular treat made at this DIY baking studio.

You can bake a variety of treats at the studio, such as chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or cakes, although the most popular option is cupcakes

They are relatively easy and quick to bake, and having multiple tools for you to utilize can definitely inspire creativity in you. The recipe at the studio yields a total of 12 cupcakes. 

You start by preheating the oven for a few minutes. Since this takes a while, you can start mixing the ingredients while waiting. 

You first have to mix in the dry and wet ingredients by putting them in a bowl and mixing them using a scraper. The flexibility of this baking tool helps to scrape the mixture off the sides of the bowl.

After a few minutes, bring it to one of the studio’s high-end mixers to have the right texture for your batter. Make sure to scrape off any excess on the mixing hand as well. 

Once you get the right texture, place the cupcake batter on the cupcake tray. Cupcake liners are placed in each section to make the cakes easier to take out and not stick on the tray.

Using a scooper, you can put the batter straight onto the liners. The scoop gives you control over how much you can put on the liner. 

Make sure to clean off any batter that may have dripped on the table. 

When each section is filled with the batter, you may put the cupcakes inside the oven to bake. This can take around 30 minutes, so this is when you start making the icing.

The icing ingredients are also pre-measured, and all you have to do is mix until you get the right consistency. 

The recipe takes a bit of time to finish. After an initial two-minute mixing, the icing must run through the mixer for three minutes seven more times at maximum speed to yield the perfect softness.

Once finished, you can add food coloring to make them more colorful. BakeSpace has a variety of colors to choose from, but you can use two for the cupcakes. 

The icing is then put inside piping bags to use in designing the top of the cake. This will definitely spark creativity since you have free reign to customize it. You can even change the tip of the piping bag for a different pattern for your icing. 

After icing the cupcakes, you can choose three toppings to put on them. This mostly consists of sprinkles in different shapes and colors. This gives the cupcakes a bit more color and a tad more flavor.

After this, you’re done! 

You can either eat the cupcakes at the store or box them up to take home.


Aside from baking, you can avail other packages at BakeSpace. You can book the entire place for special activities with your friends and family, or avail any of their special discounts. 

Their birthday promo lets customers bake their own birthday cake. Instead of paying the Duo (P1,349) price for a Classic Cake, you will instead pay for the Solo (P849) package.

Aside from this, BakeSpace also allows gender reveals, birthday parties, and school tours. This will cost P400 per head if they want to bake. 

Part of the package is using the loft, a free rainbow cake for the celebrant, three bento cakes, a sound system, and complimentary water. 

You can also use the baking studio as a co-working space, gaining access to the loft and their Wi-Fi. It costs P60 per hour. 

If you’re interested in baking, learn to make your own cake and other desserts at BakeSpace. This gives novice bakers the knowledge and confidence to start creating delicious treats they love from the comfort of their own home. 

You’ve probably never grabbed a scraper or used an electronic mixer, but you can still come home with a delicious batch of treats that you made out of your own creativity.  

This could very well be the next fun activity you have to try, so head on down to the baking studio and start baking your own story!  


Exact Location:

Between Matimco Wood and LBC, Paseo Arcenas, Banawa, Cebu City

Operating Hours:

10:00 AM – 9:00 PM 

(6:00 PM is the last booking session) 


If you wish to commute to the studio, you can ride any jeepney passing by Banawa. 

At Ayala Center Cebu, you can ride a 12L bound for Labangon. In Colon Street, you can ride a 07B bound for Banawa. Both routes pass by Paseo Arcenas. 

Get off at McDonalds and walk to BakeSpace. The studio is located between a series of buildings right behind the fast food chain.

It can be found between Matimco Wood and LBC, near Abaca Baking Company. 

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