The Bear Cave: The First Fluid Art Studio in the Philippines

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Enjoy your first fluid painting experience at The Bear Cave!

Art is one of the best forms of expression. Artists are able to tell a story and elicit emotion from viewers without having to say a single word.

There are so many places and activities that inspire creativity, and many items can be used to create mesmerizing works of art. 

Art has a limitless ceiling that has made it more than just a fun recreational activity. 

In the Philippines, a new recreational hub brings a lesser-known medium for experiencing art. The Bear Cave is the first fluid art studio in the country, giving its customers a new and exciting way to get creative by using paint in vibrant colors. 

Rather than painting with brushes and palettes, fluid art is done by simply pouring acrylic paint over cute plastic figurines to give them a colorful and personalized look. It’s simple, easy, and a lot of fun.  


This new art hub offers an exciting recreational activity that anyone can enjoy.

The first fluid art studio in the Philippines was started by Kim and Clyde Emnace, a Cebuano couple previously based in Sydney, Australia. When Clyde was injured after a road bike accident, Kim took him to art classes to cope with his depression.  

This is how they discovered an interest in fluid painting. The couple soon grew fascinated with the art form that they thought about bringing it to the Philippines since it wasn’t very popular in the country at the time.   

They opened The Bear Cave Fluid Art Studio in Cebu City in 2022 within a business center in Banilad. The name comes from the white bear figurines that are used as the canvas for customers’ artworks. 

Being the country’s first fluid art studio, it gained the attention of locals, including celebrities visiting Cebu. They soon expanded and opened two more branches, one in SM Seaside Cebu, and another in Bonifacio Global City in Manila.  

The studio has also contributed to many other social gatherings by opening pop-up stores during special events in shopping malls.  

The Bear Cave has become a sought-after recreational activity center that has taken over social media not only for the beautiful products you get to create, but also for the unique art form itself.


Fluid art is fairly new to the Philippines, and anyone can try it out at this establishment.

Fluid art has become the newest craze in the Philippines. It is barely featured in festivals and art fairs, and it only gained popularity after the opening of The Bear Cave. 

Artists slowly pour the paint on the sculptures, creating abstract patterns and colorful combinations. It can get messy, so plastic aprons and gloves will be provided to help keep your hands and clothes clean. 

There are a dozen colors to choose from, which you can mix to create a customized palette with different shades and hues. You can only pick your colors once, so take your time in deciding which ones you want to use.

The figurines, which serve as canvases, come in different sizes, from small keychains to display pieces that are two feet tall. You can choose other interesting figures, like the ones that are shaped like a bunny, an astronaut, or a dog. 

The Banilad branch also offers a fun twist to this abstract painting experience. You can shoot at paint-filled balloons hanging from a string with the use of a Nerf gun, letting the paint fall on a blank canvas. 

Then you spin the canvas to create abstract patterns. You can even drop the paint on the bear to create unique details on the figurine. 

Once you have finished pouring the paint, you have to let it dry out for two days. Once dry, you can now bring your piece of artwork and display it at home or at your workplace. 

Fluid art is a new art form embraced by Filipinos, and The Bear Cave is the top place to visit to experience it yourself. 

Through this art medium you can create cute memorabilia for your desk or home setup, and at the same time experience the childlike wonder of creating art without having to use complex techniques. 

It’s a great recreational activity for you and your family. Even couples and friends can take pleasure in this fun experience. 

Drop by The Bear Cave and express yourself through beautiful paint colors that you can pour on a unique piece of canvas. 


Operating Hours:

Both Branches in Cebu

11:00 AM – 7:00 PM on Weekdays

10:00 AM – 8:00 PM on Weekends 

Exact Location:

Banilad Branch

One Paseo, Paseo Saturnino, Barangay Banilad

SM Seaside Branch

2nd Level, Seaview Wing


SM Seaside Branch

  • BUS

The SM Seaside Branch may be more accessible as it is one of the biggest shopping centers in the country. You can ride a MyBus which goes directly to the mall. You can find these at SM City Cebu, Anjo World, or the Fuente Osmeña Circle. 

Banilad Branch


Ride any jeep that goes to Banilad or Talamban and get off at the gas station beside the flyover near Banilad Town Center. From there, you can walk to Paseo Saturnino (the landmark is Fresco Bakery) and walk to One Paseo.


The photoshoot for this article was done at The Bear Cave’s original spot in SM Seaside, in the City Wing. They have since moved to their permanent shop at the mall on the 2nd Level of the Seaview Wing.

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