Find the Best Modern Art in Cebu at the Qube Gallery

Brass sculpture at a gallery of Modern Art in Cebu

This sculpture depicting two boys playing Basketball is one of the pieces of art you can find at the Qube Gallery.

Cebu is known as the design capital of the Philippines, and was declared one of UNESCO’s creative cities in 2019. Spawning multiple world-renowned artists and designers, the locals’ best work can be found on the walls of famous food parks, the ceilings of old churches or in the chassis of public utility jeepneys. Modern art in Cebu may have adapted to the digital revolution, but physical works are still luxury items that even the most novice curator and museum fanatic would want to put their hands on.


Qube Gallery interior

The short corridor of the Qube Gallery’s first floor features some of the best modern art in Cebu for its customers to see.

Cebuano artists have represented our country in many international competitions and exhibits, and now you may see their handiwork first hand. The tiny art gallery in the Northern District of Cebu City has been the center of contemporary art outside Metro Manila since its inception in 2013.

The Qube Gallery in Kasambagan has been the outlet for works of the best Filipino contemporary artists, especially those hailing from the Visayas islands. For almost a decade, it has rapidly become the avenue in which many art aficionados get some of the island’s most memorable pieces of Cebu art.

Qube Gallery-10

This artwork depicts Filipino women revealing rifles behind white cloth.

Its organizers have passionately advocated the works of the old, the new and the undiscovered artistic virtuosos in the Queen City of the South. It has been the portal into which local artists introduce the world to their artistic visions and ideas.

This establishment can be found in The Crossroads, a small business center with pubs, restaurants, studios, a cafe, a gym and a karaoke bar. It is only a few meters away from Cebu Business Park, and a walking distance from Cebu IT Park. Nearby establishments include the Sentinel Hotel, 88th Avenue and the Cebu Country Club. You can come here by riding any jeepney that goes to the Northern parts of the city like Talamban and Banilad.

Art in the area is not only found in the gallery itself, as the outside structures are also peppered with colorful artwork. The walls and pillars of the area are painted and sprayed with interesting designs. You don’t have to go to the gallery’s viewing rooms to get inspiration for your next piece.

Murals at the walls of The Crossroads

Building walls from outside the Qube Gallery display Cebuano creativity.

As you get inside the short corridor of the Qube Gallery’s first floor, you will automatically witness some of the best paintings in Cebu. Every exhibit has a theme, and they change it every month. Topics can range from the inspiring and uplifting to the surreal and suggestive.

Another artwork found in the gallery is a flower portrait made of recycled paper.

Though the Gallery showcases a lot of paintings, they also show other forms of Cebu arts and crafts. Handmade sculptures and images made from recycled paper are also present. This shows that Cebuanos are not one trick ponies and that they are resourceful with their materials.

The gallery is also a member of the world’s biggest online art marketplace, Artsy, making a strong presence around the internet. You can check out the art they feature in either the Artsy or the Qube Gallery website. You can also follow them on their social media accounts to get updates on their upcoming events.

When skimming through the gallery’s website for the artwork available, you can actually see how they would look displayed on a wall. You can also see sample photos of the sculptures that they sell, as well as the prices. These help you make a purchase decision without you necessarily walking around the gallery to see the products they have in store.

You can even check out the roster of artists that have contributed and are contributing to the gallery’s exhibits. Though it features modern art in Cebu, they also have many artists from other parts of the Philippines to display their artwork. International artists that have close ties with Cebu also provide their pieces to the curators of the museum. It won’t be difficult to find your favorite artists, or look for some new idols.

Entrance of the Qube Gallery

The Qube Gallery is located at the center of The Crossroads in Barangay Kasambagan, one of the best places to unwind in Northern Cebu City.

The Qube Gallery is a contemporary art hub that introduces the art enthusiasts of Cebu to the locals’ best craftsmanship. If you are an avid collector, or are just looking to improve his home setup, then consider this an attraction. You will have to invest some coin to get the best of the best, but you have many options to choose from.

Thanks to its presence in international art fairs, its artists have made modern art in Cebu more widely known around the world. This mini museum may be small, but a visit here should be one of the best things to do in Cebu for a long time. With more creators from younger generations gaining more artistic inspiration, the future is bright for this contemporary museum.

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