Above the Corner Rooftop Cafe: Board Games, Coffee, & More!

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This rooftop cafe has arcade games that you can play with friends.

Coffee shops in Cebu have gotten more and more interesting. 

Gone are the days when they were just places where you could hang out with friends or get some work done over a cup of coffee. Over the years, not only have these establishments upped their coffee game, but they’ve also gotten more creative with the concept of coffee shops as recreational hubs. 

Just recently, a rooftop cafe opened at Eden’s Place, giving customers a bang for their buck.

That’s because it’s not just a regular coffee shop. It’s an arcade too!

Aside from the arcade machines, the place is great for hanging out with friends.

Above the Corner Cafe encourages customers to engage in conversation and fun activities. They have all kinds of card and board games that you can play with a friend or group.

It has a sort of “hidden gem” vibe because of its location. So if you’re looking for an affordable alternative where you can hang out with friends or even family, this coffee shop is worth checking out.


Check out some of the best-selling board games they have at the cafe.

The cafe is open from 4:30 to 1:00 AM, so it’s a great place to have a fun, fulfilling evening with friends and family. 

One fun party game you can play is the Barrel Pirate. The pirate figure is placed inside a barrel, with slots where you can insert plastic swords. Each player takes turns placing the swords inside the barrel until the pirate pops off. 

The player who causes the pirate to pop off is eliminated, and the game will be reset until one player is left. 

You can also challenge your analytical skills with a game of chess. Everyone pretty much knows the gist of how this famous board game is played, but it takes a certain level of wit to claim the victory. 

How about a game of Jenga? This fun party game consists of a large tower of wooden pieces that players have to keep upright while pulling out one piece at a time. 

The game officially ends when the tower completely comes crashing down. Rest assured it’s a thrilling game that will keep every player on the edge of their seat.

For a more physical activity, the rooftop cafe also has a basketball machine similar to those found in mall arcades like Timezone and Bibo. 

You can team up with someone or compete with them to see who can get a higher score. 

Another sports-inspired game is Under the Table Football. Players can see underneath as they try to get the soccer ball into the opponent’s side.  

Aside from this, you can try out the classic arcade machines. Their list of games includes iconic titles that will leave millennials feeling nostalgic. 

Each machine has a vast selection of games that you will definitely find difficult to choose from. You can play co-op games like Contra or Metal Slug, or duke it out to some fighting games like Street Fighter or King of Fighters.  


Why go to a fancy restaurant in Cebu when you can have your guilty pleasures here?

There are a variety of snacks, rice meals, and beverages to keep you energized as you take part in the various games and activities at the rooftop cafe.

For drinks, they have coffee, juice, and fruit tea. 

Each drink costs less than Php200, with their Cafe Mocha being the most expensive at Php180. Their Orange Lemonade and Peach Berry Fruit Tea are pretty good refreshments to pair with their selection of Pica-Pica.

Their Pica-Pica options are perfect for a light snack to munch on while you’re playing games. You can get cheese sticks, chicken bites, french fries, or popcorn. 

The cafe opens late in the afternoon, so it’s a good spot for a late night drinking session with friends or colleagues from work. 

They have a selection of cocktails and alcoholic beverages for you to choose from as well. 

All their cocktails cost Php250, with the Amaretto Sour as their best seller. Other cocktails include Gin Tonic and Whiskey Ginger.

You can also opt for some local or imported beers, which range from Php110 to Php160. A bucket of six local beers costs Php600. 

Lastly, their rice meals all cost Php265. Their best sellers include bangus, torikatsu, and sausage.

Recreational activities are always better when done with friends. That’s what makes this coffee shop a fun environment for anyone who’s looking to have a good time. 

Check out some of the best selling board games or get serious about playing with any of their arcade games. You’ll be having so much fun that you won’t notice the time passing by. 

Above the Corner is located on the 3rd Floor of Eden’s Place. You can ride a 12L jeepney at Ayala Center Cebu, which will pass directly in front of the building. 

Take note that the cafe is closed on Tuesdays. 

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