Where to Go for the Ultimate Shopping Experience in Cebu

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Enjoy shopping in Cebu on your next visit.

Shopping in Cebu is at another level. Anywhere you are in the metropolis, make no mistake that a shopping mall is just around the corner. Whether you are looking to buy souvenirs, shirts, accessories, or food, shopping malls in Cebu have it all. Cebu is a prime shopping haven. With multiple large shopping malls that cater to just about anyone’s preference, your options for your next shopping destination is basically limitless.

As the second most densely populated city next to Manila, it is no surprise that malls have flourished everywhere in the city. Shopping should definitely be on your list of things to do in Cebu on your next visit.

If you prefer to shop in the middle of the bustling business district, malls like Ayala Center Cebu and SM City Cebu are the prime choices. But if you prefer to shop at an upscale mall that is farther away from the heart of the city, SM Seaside City and the Mactan Marina Mall suits you best. If you decide to shop while strolling the streets of the Cebu nightlife scene, you can drop by the night market during the weekends. Whether or not the location matters to you, you can be sure that you will find whatever you like in Cebu.

Cebu’s Premiere Shopping Malls

With Cebu’s fast-developing economy, the city has become a powerhouse in the country’s southern region, and what better proof of the city’s rapid development than the emergence of giant shopping malls.

SM Seaside City

Opened in November 2015, SM Seaside City is one of the country’s 55 SM malls. Yes, there are over 55 SM malls all over the Philippines, 3 of which are in Cebu! It is located in the South Road Properties where the South Coastal Road connects the city center to the southern towns and municipalities.

With an area of roughly 470,486 square meters, SM Seaside Cebu is the city’s and the country’s largest mall. That’s over 30 hectares! The mall is composed of 5 storeys and is built in a circular pattern that when you walk in one direction, you will eventually end up where you started from.

Its location can be a bit far to some, but SM is making it possible to access the mall easily by setting up MyBus stations and giving free public transportation. The mall also features an indoor arena with a seating capacity of 16,000. It has a supermarket, an SM Store, a large screen format cinema with 4 regular cinemas, and a bowling and amusement Center.

Ayala Center Cebu

If you’ve ever been to Cebu Business Park or if you’ve stayed in a hotel near Ayala, then chances are you’ve already seen one of the city’s most popular shopping malls. Opened in November 1994, Ayala has ever since been associated with upscale shopping.

The mall caters to roughly an average of around 85,000 people per day! On the weekends, it is a totally different matter, which goes up to a staggering 135,000 visitors on average.

The reason why so many people visit Ayala Center Cebu every day is because of its location. It sits in the middle of the city and is basically accessible to everyone whether you are from the southern or the northern part of the city. Cebu Business Park also houses many office buildings and complexes that hold an average of 50,000 employees each.

The mall has four levels with over 200 stores and stalls. Here you’ll find stores and brands like Broadway Gems, Comic Alley, Dockers, Esprit, Rusty Lopez, Swatch, and many more.

SM City Cebu

SM City Cebu opened in 1993 and is SM Prime Holdings’ very first shopping mall outside of Manila. It sits in a land area of around 11 hectares. In 2007, the Northwing was added to the already large mall, making it even bigger.

While the Southwing only has 4 floors, the Northwing has 6. The mall is located near the city’s port area, and since Cebu is known for transshipment, SM City Cebu attracts a significant number of transient shoppers.

The Northwing is a good place for shoppers to visit as it houses 2 floors of retail stores, restaurants, and cafes. The Northwing itself holds more than 200 tenants, also adding 3 levels of covered parking.

Mactan Marina Mall

The Mactan Marina Mall is located on the small island of Lapu-Lapu off the coast of Cebu. To get to the location, you will need to cross one of two bridges that connect Mactan and Cebu. Though not located in the heart of the city, the Marina Mall is one of the few malls that are near the Mactan International Airport, making it a good first stop for travelers to Cebu.

Unlike most malls in Cebu, the Marina Mall is a strip mall where most shops and boutiques can be accessed just outside of the mall itself. This makes it less crowded and diverts groups of mall-goers without overcrowding certain areas.

The Marina Mall is a good place to find bargain items from well-known brands such as Timex and Adidas.

Robinsons Galleria

Located in the busy General Maxilom Avenue of Cebu, Robinsons Galleria is one of the newer malls added to Cebu City’s roster when it opened its doors to the public in December of 2015. The mall features 6 storeys of commercial complexes that house both local and international brands.

The Galleria includes 6 cutting-edge cinemas with an ultramodern 3D theater and large screen format VIP theater complete with a lounge and comfortable chairs for your viewing pleasure.

The mall, one of Cebu’s biggest along with SM Seaside City, comes with a stylish interior design, state-of-the-art architecture, lush indoor gardens, and water features that will delight both young and older visitors.

Shopping is never a dull moment in the Galleria when you are provided the option of more than 200 retail stores and stalls in its disposal.

There are, however, many more other places to shop in Cebu if you are not into large malls. Everywhere you go, you can find an establishment where you can find what you need when you are shopping in Cebu.

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