Interiors of a Pungko-Pungko

Pungko Pungko: A Household Name in the Hearts of Cebuanos

A cheap meal from a Pungko Pungko stall would be perfect if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat. Your parents may have taught you to eat with your spoon and fork, but that wouldn’t necessarily apply if you were Filipino. Before the introduction of utensils, the traditional way of eating in the Philippines was with the use of

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Filipino cocktails

Filipino Cocktails and an Awesome Guide to Pinoy Drinking

When you travel to Cebu, never miss a chance to try these Filipino cocktails! What’s the quickest way to make friends in Cebu? You have several options, such as going on a karaoke, attending a barangay fiesta, or simply heading to a bar. Whatever method you choose, it would most likely involve alcohol. Cebuanos, in general, would enjoy a drink

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Chopped lechon in Cebu on a plate

Best Places to Eat Lechon in Cebu

Get to know more about Cebuano culture by tasting the famous lechon in Cebu. When talking about Cebu, one would also think about the food. Cebuanos are proud of their cuisine. In fact, Cebu’s hotels and other establishments related to the food industry often conduct expositions and culinary events that feature the different cuisine of Cebuanos—from larang (a seafood favorite)

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street foods

Cebu Street Foods | The Bizarre Side of Cebu’s Food Culture

Enjoy Cebu’s street foods by learning what to try and where to find them. Your trip to Cebu wouldn’t be complete without trying the best street foods the city can offer. Street food is basically a country’s identity, with different cities offering their own version of certain street foods. This is where you will find the rich culture of Cebu

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Popular chinese food sold in the Philippines

Chinese Food Cebuanos Love the Most

Way before the Spaniards colonized the Philippines, the Chinese were a constant presence in the country. That’s because they regularly traded with the early settlers. In fact, the presence of the Chinese remains strong to this day. Some would even argue that Chinese influence is much more prevalent in Cebu than in Manila. Food is one of the biggest indicators

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Stall selling Cebuano food

Il Corso’s Home for Cebuano Food: Larsian by the Sea

Smiley Larsian by the Sea provides an al fresco dining experience like no other. The Cebuano food park industry in the Philippines is booming. These places have been go-to venues among food enthusiasts for several years now. The original food strip, however, may be Fuente’s Larsian. Many locals and tourists have entered this establishment to fill their stomachs with different

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