Fantastic Springs to Visit When You’re in Cebu This Summer

Cebu springs

Visit any of these cold springs.

While there are definitely popular Cebu beaches worth visiting, there’s more to Cebu than just beaches. When it comes to the landscape of Cebu, the entire province has one of the most unique mountain ranges in the country. Because of its unique landscape, the province has some noteworthy streams, rivers, and lakes.

During the summer, it can get pretty hot in the city. For this reason, Cebuanos flock to the beaches and swimming pools. But the more adventurous types head to the province because that’s where you find the coolest and most refreshing springs.

Cebu springs may not be as well-known as the beaches; however, there are some that are worth visiting:

Molobolo Spring

In the northern part of Cebu, you can find the municipality of Tuburan. It is one of the most well-known towns in the province because of its white-sand beaches. However, there is a resort in Tuburan where you can take a refreshing soak in the town’s most famous spring, namely Molobolo.

The spring is so popular that the local government decided to make a pool out of a portion of the spring so more people would have a soak. But the best part is the spring is right across a beach.

While lounging in the spring, you have a lovely view of the coast. A perfect way to relax on a hot summer day.

Obong Spring

Now we’re headed south in the town of Dalaguete. Obong Spring is located near the base of Osmeña Peak. The spring itself is quite wide, so not only can you take a dip, you can even swim a few laps. But what’s unique is there is a part where the spring and the sea meet.

If you don’t want to trek the mountain, you can also spend a day in the spring. There are tables, chairs, and even cottages so you and your friends can hang out. There is even a grilling area you can use.

And if you are up for some more sight-seeing, then you can find the Obong Ruins nearby, which used to be a watchtower built during the Spanish colonization. Talk about getting more than what you asked for.

Mantawihan Spring

This is another spring you can find in Tuburan but not as well-known as Molobolo. It’s not as polished; however, Mantawihan is just as cool and refreshing. The biggest difference is the fact that it hasn’t been tampered with yet (in a sense that the government didn’t make a pool around it like they did with Molobolo).

Also, Mantawihan is slightly deeper than Molobolo partly because it connects to the Adela River. It’s also good that the government didn’t put as much effort into Mantawihan because the waters are still pretty clear.

Legends also say that the waters of Mantawihan are quite soothing. So if you have any minor ailments, perhaps a dip in the spring would do you some good.

Mabugnao-Mainit Spring

When you are in Cebu during summer, better get the most out of it while you can. Don’t just limit yourself to visiting the beaches. The province has nature parks that are worth checking out.

One of the most accessible would have to be the Guadalupe Mabugnao-Mainit National Park. The most well-known feature of this reserve would have to be the hot spring (one of three in the entire province), which explains the mainit part of the park’s name. But there is also a cool freshwater pool perfect for swimming on a hot summer day.

And if you are up for some exploring, you can also delve into the cave (considered to be the most popular part of the park). From relaxation and adventure, you can find it all in the Guadalupe Mabugnao-Mainit National Park.

Binaliw Spring

Cebuanos are quite religious. Almost every barangay has its own patron saint that they devote to. In Barangay Bagatayam in Sogod, they particularly pay homage to the Virgin Mary. They even erected a shrine of her in the spring because they believe she bestowed the waters with healing powers.

All year round, devotees of the Blessed Virgin from almost every corner of the province would pay their respects. But even if you don’t believe in all that, you too would have to say that there is something otherworldly about the spring.

Esoy Hot Spring

Hot springs are pretty rare in Cebu. In fact, the entire province only has three of them. As mentioned earlier, there’s the Mabugnao-Mainit Spring and the second is the Esoy Hot Spring. You can find this gem in Catmon, which is located in the northern part of Cebu.

However, in order to access this spring, you have to make reservations first. The resort owners are quite strict with their “No booking, no entry.” policy. Their booking policy is you have to call in 1-2 before your desired visit.

It might be a minor inconvenience, but once you get there and feel all your stresses melt away by the water, it’s definitely worth it.

Durano Eco Farm

This resort not only has one but several springs, so you don’t feel like competing with everyone else. Not only that, it’s got one gigantic treehouse that you can stay for a night or two.

This is probably one of the most family-friendly springs. You don’t have to traverse any rocky terrain nor trek any trails in the wilderness. However, you can still immerse in the wonders of Cebu’s natural landscape.

There are plenty of other Cebu springs you can visit, but these are by far some of the most popular. If you are ever in Cebu, make sure to stop by any of these springs, not just the beaches. You’ll be amazed at how diverse the natural landscape of the province is. And taking a dip in any of these springs is the perfect way to cool yourself on a hot summer day.

And if you are interested in what else Cebu has to offer, explore the rest of our site to find out more.

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