Mountain Resorts in Cebu

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Breathe in some fresh air at the mountain resorts in Cebu!

There are different ways to release stress or to celebrate something. One way is going to the beach. But if it is too crowded for you, you will surely look for something more quiet. In that case, mountain resorts in Cebu are where you should go.

The mountains in Cebu are not only good for trekking and climbing. They are also good places to find resorts far away from the busy city. Here are the top mountain resorts in Cebu for you to explore:

Terracotta de Manor Mountain Resort, Bonbon, Cebu City

This private mountain resort is a surprise to some. They often see beautiful houses like these in Cebu, but only a few can be experienced. Yes, this manor made mostly of red bricks and looks like a house in a different country can be booked for day use.

You can live for a few hours in the manor and utilize the facilities, including the kitchen and pool, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. But you will be advised to leave earlier than that, especially if you are not yet familiar with the place. If you do not own a car, renting a vehicle is the other option to reach Terracotta de Manor.

For a rate of US$10.03 per head, a minimum of 10 people can book the English-inspired place. If the number of people is less than that, the fixed rate is US$100.27, which is a fairly affordable rate for a picturesque manor that you can book exclusively.

Rancho Cancio, Adlaon, Cebu City

Overlooking Cebu City with a breathtaking view is this rest house that has been a popular place for group outings. The design and decoration of Rancho Cancio speak of elegance and modernity.

The Japanese-inspired house offers day use and overnight use for a maximum of 40 people, and the rates vary on weekdays and weekends. The day use rate on weekdays is US$4.01 and US$4.41 on weekends. If the group does not reach the minimum of 20 people, the fixed rate on weekdays is US$80.22 and US$88.24 on weekends.

There are rooms available if you choose to stay overnight. For groups, there are bunk beds in the dorm rooms at US$12.03 per head on Sundays to Fridays and US$13.04 on Saturdays. Two people can stay in Billy’s Room with a 54-inch bed at US$26.07 on Sundays to Fridays and US$28.08 on Saturdays. Towels and beddings are provided.

All rooms have no air-conditioning system because you do not need that when you are located in the cold mountains, and it gets even colder at night.

It is required to order meals in Rancho Cancio. For day use, you must order snack meals and either lunch or dinner for a minimum of 10 people. For overnight use, breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be ordered. This is actually good for you to save time cooking and spend more time with your friends or family.

You can entertain yourself by playing billiards in the basement or play some games in the activity room. You can also sing your heart out at the karaoke machine that can be booked for 24 hours at US$16.04.

Just like other mountain resorts, the transportation involves renting a private vehicle (if you do not have one) to get to Rancho Cancio. Travel time will be 1 to 1.5 hours if you depart from JY Square.

By staying at private mountain resorts in Cebu, you can enjoy the place by yourself, including the pool!

West 35 Eco Mountain Resort, Balamban, Cebu

This resort is a paradise at the top of the mountain. Not only does it offer a 360-degree view of Balamban from its viewing deck, it is also home to many plants, insects, and birds that are native to the municipality.

From Ayala Center Cebu, it takes about an hour of travel to West 35. A few steps away from the resort are where other famous Cebu tourist spots can be found, such as the popular flower farm Buwakan ni Alejandra.

The lush vegetation of West 35 is not only for landscape design but also for consumption. The vegetables and fruits served at Haven Cafe, the in-house restaurant, are grown in the resort itself.

Small and big groups as well as couples can stay at the resort in rooms that are named after herbs and spices. Mint and Thyme are deluxe rooms good for 2 people. Ordinary rooms for groups of 6 people are Sage and Ginger. Celery has its own outdoor area and bonfire pit while Dill has a balcony, and both of them are special rooms good for 6 people. Cilantro, a much bigger room with a minibar, also has its own outdoor area and bonfire pit and is good for 4 people. The suite room Basil is good for 2 people and is equipped with a jacuzzi and lounge. Rates are from US$90.38 to US$120.50, and all guests are entitled to a complimentary breakfast.

For business matters or events, there are also function rooms available in West 35. Rates are from US$40.17 to US$80.34 for 5 hours of use. Up to 30 people can fit the function rooms.

Recreational activities for kids and adults are also available in the mountain resort. Zipline, wall climbing, rope course, and the game room can be used free of charge.

Blueridges Mountain Resort, Carcar, Cebu

Tourists often stop by Carcar to get a taste of the famous lechon. But why not stay for a day or two at the city’s mountain range?

Blueridges Mountain Resort is Carcar’s isolated recreational area, but it is not that difficult to access. If you do not have your own vehicle, you can ride a motorcycle from the main road to the resort at a dollar per head. You can also arrange a shuttle service with the resort for more convenient transportation.

There are rooms for 2 people at US$40.11 per night and for 6 people at US$80.22 per night. The rooms are pretty straightforward, much more like a home than a resort. No need to bring food for there is a restaurant in the resort that offers affordable good food.

Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort, San Fernando, Cebu

This San Fernando, Cebu tourist spot is a must-visit resort not only by those who seek to escape the city but also to those who crave for extreme adventures.

You can relax your muscles in the pool or book a room and stay overnight. The room rates start from US$12.03 to US$70.19. If you book the Executive Family Room or the Deluxe Room, your breakfast is included.

In partnership with Sensei Extreme Adventure Philippines, the resort offers adrenaline-pumping things to do in Cebu, such as bungee jumping, zip line, and wall climbing, and more activities will be added soon. The resort also caters to weddings and other events.

Lava Mountain Farm Resort, Busay, Cebu City

Wake up to a beautiful view at mountain resorts in Cebu.

Serenity and exclusivity are what you will experience at Lava Mountain Farm. A 45-minute ride from JY Square is what you need to reach the vast private resort.

The moment you arrive at the gates, the only thing you will notice is peacefulness. The caretakers will only be around to welcome you and to help you settle. After that, you can have the place to yourself.

There are three houses in the area. The main house has a shared sleeping area that can accommodate up to 20 people. The toilet and bathroom are just outside the door.

The Bali Hut, which can fit up to 12 people, is a loft-type hut that is popular to bloggers. The sleeping area and even the toilet and bath below are picturesque with their native design. It is located at the upper part of the resort, which makes it overlooking the farm.

The Stone House is, yes, a house made of stone and can fit up to 5 people. It has two double beds and has its own toilet and bath. It is also located at the upper part of the resort, and its Spanish-inspired design is even more fascinating when observed from the lower ground.

You can prepare food in the kitchen with a corresponding fee depending on the number of people. Food and drinks can be brought by guests since the resort does not charge corkage fee. It is also free to use the fridge. Massage is also offered at US$6.03 per hour but should be booked days before your arrival.

The infinity pool that is overlooking the lush mountains of Busay can be used anytime. At night, different-colored lights will make it more captivating. What’s different about this pool among all the mountain resorts in Busay is that the water in Lava’s pool is always kept fresh because of the constant running water.

You can also cap off the night by making s’mores at the bonfire pit.

Exploring the uplands is a great way to forget all the troubles in the city. Visit these mountain resorts in Cebu on your next getaway.

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