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Ready for the weekend? Here are some fun things to do!

Cebu Island is known to be a treasure trove of sights and experiences. From the breathtaking view of the overlooking places to the calming beaches, Cebu is full of fun things to do perfect for every kind of traveler.

As a progressive island, Cebu does not run short of establishments and recreational activities that can ignite the senses. Either you are planning for a solo trip or with your friends or families, there is a perfect recreational spot in Cebu for a weekend getaway.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park

The adventure is mapped out throughout the hectares of land of Danasan Eco Adventure Park. Everything is taken care of too when you avail of the park’s shuttle service, which takes you from Parkmall to Danasan and vice versa.

Passes are needed to be able to avail an activity, and these passes are colored. There are green, yellow, pink, and blue passes, and you will be guided accordingly by the friendly staff on which activity you can avail.

One of the top activities in the eco park is the zip line with horseback riding. At the end of the 440-meter zip line is a horse waiting for you to send you to your next activity. If you do not feel like riding a horse, you can still enjoy crossing over lines through the Sky Bike, which, as the name suggests, allows you to ride a bike that runs through a suspended cable. If you are up to extreme activities, you should avail the Twin Tower Adventure where you will be walking the line, literally, from one tower to the next.

The park’s water activities are some of the extreme ones but also fun things to do when bored with friends or family. Wakeboarding is done in the lagoon of the park. You will be taught by professional wakeboarders on how to find your balance while on water and prevent yourself from falling. Of course, you will be learning all these while you are standing on the board on the lagoon, on your own, and being pulled by a remote-controlled harness. And if you think that’s already tough, wait until you try Tyrolean and rappelling.

The Sky Drop is the newest attraction in the eco park and is truly not for the faint of heart. Two people sitting beside each other will be hoisted 120 feet from the ground. The slow pace of raising you to the top is agonizing enough, let alone pulling the rope by yourself to drop. If you want to experience the feeling of losing your breath or even your soul midair, then this is for you.

Cebu Ocean Park

The famous oceanarium has opened its branch in Cebu. Compared to the one in Manila, Cebu Ocean Park is bigger and can accommodate around 3,000 people. Although the management does not have plans on adding dolphins and whales in the future, there is still a lot to see for the oceanarium houses more than 200 different species of animals. These include sea animals, birds, and reptiles.

Walking through the glass tunnel gives you a 360-degree view of the aquarium. Bird-feeding and fish spa are some of the activities where you can interact with the animals up close. Another is the Sea Trek, which gives you a chance to walk under water while wearing a diving helmet.

Mermaids and mermen will be there to entertain you and open your minds to wonder. You will also have the chance to experience being a mythical creature as they teach you for 45 minutes on how to swim wearing a tail.

Anjo World

Theme parks have always been one of the activities that people are fond of. Filipinos, especially during festivals, get excited when a theme park sets up in their town. In Visayas, there is a theme park open for the whole year, and it is the biggest too. Adrenaline-junkie Cebuanos do not have to wait for a festival anymore because Anjo World is just located in Minglanilla, Cebu.

The theme park has numerous rides to enjoy. Among the most relaxing are the good old carousel, spinning cups of Mr. Cup, and the ferris wheel Anjo Eye. There is also London Taxi if you enjoy bumping cars or its water counterpart, Bumper Boats.

Being taken to a high spot and getting dropped is something people enjoy a lot because of the thrill it gives. In Anjo World, there are two rides that offer the drop. Mr. Toad, the smaller one, is recommended for kids. It is also for adults who are not yet ready for the extreme one, Tower Drop, a famous attraction of the theme park that will take you 25 meters from the ground.

If after the Tower Drop you still crave for that high, then you should proceed to the Boomerang, a rotating pendulum ride, or the Viking, a swinging gondola—attractions that will surely challenge your guts.

Extreme Aeropark

Stay indoors but still get that adrenaline fix. Located inside Parkmall, Cebu, Extreme Aeropark offers recreational activities that are easily accessible.

The park is also known as a trampoline park because it has been installed with 1,700 square meters of, yes, trampoline. But before that moniker was coined, Extreme Aeropark was known to be the first to offer laser tag in Cebu.

Now, the laser tag arena is called Laser Blitz. If you do not know what laser tag is yet, it is a shooting game using laser guns. The area is usually installed with walls, ramps, and neon lights. The players will be donned with vests, headgears, and guns with parts that are lit to signal the opponents where to hit. The 15-minute game is a war zone, but with no blood, just sweat.

The activities offered in the park are more suitable for adults. Practicing parkour is one of the things to do in the trampoline area. You can also try wall climbing with an assurance that you won’t get hurt when you fall because of the foam pit below, so a harness and a helmet won’t be needed. Bubble Soccer is a fun soccer game where players are inside bubble suits; physical contact is not going to happen, but there will be a lot of bouncing. Ninja Arena is not as fun as it seems with its obstacles that need strength and balance.

More fun fitness activities have been added in the park. It actually is a great place to work out if you do not like hitting the gym.

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

If it is the wildlife and recreational activities that you seek, there is no need to leave the country. Cebu Safari and Adventure Park has got you covered.

The world-class zoological garden is home to over a 100 different species of animals that come from various parts of the world. With 170 hectares in land area, the safari park is the largest in the Philippines and among the largest in Southeast Asia.

Everything you need to know about the things to do in the park is shown in the map. The staff in Welcome Pavilion will make sure to brief you the moment you arrive. You will be able to explore different kinds of plants and animals, the rare and even the nearly extinct ones.

Extreme adventures can also be enjoyed in the safari park. ATVs, Sky Bike, zip line, and the newest Giant Swing are surely going to give you that adrenaline rush.

Because the location is far away from the city, accommodations are also offered. The beautiful two-bedroom and three-bedroom cabins can definitely make you feel like you are home.

Restaurants and food stalls are scattered in the area. Auntie Anne’s pretzels and coffee can be found in Michel’s Pavilion. Western food of The Outpost can be enjoyed while you are looking at giraffes and pelicans. The famous Pizzeria Michelangelo Ristorante Italiano can be found in Orangutown. Cool down with a gelato at Tiger Turf, and enjoy Filipino food and all-day breakfast at Base Camp.

Cap off the night at Safari Camp’s pool or gather around the bonfire area and roast s’mores.

Wonder no more about what to do in Cebu this weekend. There is no need to go beyond Cebu Island for fun things to do. Whether you enjoy the indoors or the outdoors, there are Cebu recreational activities that can take the stress away.

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