Must-Visit Flower Gardens in Cebu for a Blissful Nature Trip

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Be one with nature and appreciate what Cebu has got in store for you!

We spend most days working and dealing with everyday life. It is normal for us to find ways to break free from the stress and worries. Having flowers in your home can provide happy emotions. Studies show that flowers bring positive moods to people. A bouquet can be your daily dose of happiness, but flower gardens can be heavenly.

Now, flower gardens in Cebu have opened their doors to the public.

Here are the must-visit flower gardens in Cebu for your next escapade.

Terrazas de Flores

With a name that translates to “terraces of flowers” in English, Terrazas de Flores is the first and the only flower terrace in the country. It houses over 120 local flower species, beautifully arranged on a slope in Malubog, Cebu City.

The way to the garden is off the beaten path, but a private vehicle or a habal-habal (a motorcycle taxi) can take you there if you do not have your own mode of transportation. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by terraces of meticulous landscaping.

Hectares of land are adorned with flowers, so it is understandable that people will need a break from exploring. The outdoor curtained cabanas will give you time to cool down, especially when you are visiting the place on a hot summer day. There are three cabanas in the garden, representing the three children of the owner, that you can rent per hour but are free of charge if you order food from the restaurant.

Pizza, pasta, and sandwiches are on the menu. If you want to be extra fancy, you can order a platter of cold cuts with cheese and pair it with a bottle of wine that you can enjoy in the cabana, the restaurant, or on the viewing deck.

The man-made waterfall, the hanging bridge, the arches, and the pavements complement the whole garden, making it a perfect spot for taking pictures and one of the top flower gardens in Cebu.

Sirao Flower Garden

Sirao Flower Garden is known as the Little Amsterdam of Cebu!

This one started it all. The people’s fascination with visiting Cebu flower gardens began when Sirao Flower Garden opened their gates to the public. The array of flowers captivated tourists all over the world.

It started with celosia flowers. The colorful woolflowers has become a trademark of the flower garden and made them earn the title Little Amsterdam of Cebu. The effect of the flowers arranged in an orderly manner captured in photos has been the reason for the garden to be talked about in social media.

Now the garden offers more than celosias. Aside from other kinds of plants in the area, there are also other installations. Not only the flowers have become picture-worthy for the tourists, but the buildings have as well become picturesque along with other Cebu tourist spots.

Expansion of the area was done, and now these spots have been placed in Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site, which is just located next to the original Sirao Flower Farm. Not so many flowers are in the area though, but when you take a picture from the giant hand, which is the most popular attraction in the garden, you can see the whole flower garden and even the mountain range of Sirao.

Now, this should make you interested in the best flower gardens in Cebu.

Buwakan ni Alejandra

No matter where you look, the view is always breathtaking.

Balamban is not only a place for recreational activities. A few meters from Adventure Cafe is where you can find the historic flower garden Buwakan ni Alejandra.

Eluterio Gentap, the owner and landscaper of the garden, named the attraction after his mother-in-law. The garden has been growing flowers since the Japanese colonization, but it has only been introduced to the public in 2017.

The whole area, spanning 700 square meters, boasts of flowers and other plants that are endemic to Balamban. You will not be seeing tulips or sunflowers, but you will be learning a lot more about the local floras. You will encounter dahlias and bougainvilleas. And you will probably be intrigued by the plant locally known as Mickey Mouse.

The flowers are the main attraction of the garden, and Alejandra does not need other installations for its beauty to be noticed. Preserving the natural habitats of the plants is the main aim of the garden, which is a great way to help the locals.

10,000 Roses Cafe & More

Wait until sundown to experience the magical feeling when roses start to light up.

Among all the flower gardens in Cebu in this list, this is the only one without real flowers. Yes, the 10,000 pieces of flowers outside the café are all LED roses. That is why the café caught the attention of social media users.

This attraction in Day-as, Cordova, is inspired by the Korean attraction designed by Zaha Hadid and SAMOO, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. However, the café does not offer Korean food. The menu has a variety of coffee, cakes, and meals with prices that are mid-ranged.

Although the number of roses are not as many as the one in Korea, the 10,000 roses are still mesmerizing, especially at night when the flowers light up. Add a scene of the ocean and the mangrove forest and you’ll get what they call an Instagrammable view.

EVO Nature Camp

Mountains, pine trees, and over 40,000 flowers surround EVO Nature Camp. The 4.5-hectare garden that is noticeable for its wave-like slope is nestled at the heart of Balamban.

The nature camp is a great escape from city life. Overlooking the mountain range of Balamban while surrounded by colorful flowers is something you won’t see every day.
If you wish to stay on the mountain for a little longer, you are in for a treat. You can rent a tent with inflatable beds and set up camp overnight.

In the morning, you can order breakfast meals from the grillhouse. Since it is elevated, a view of clouds covering the mountain is what you’ll see when you wake up. Truly a breath of fresh air.

Exploring the mountains is one of the many things to do in Cebu. At EVO Nature Camp, trekking to Ground Zero is an activity you should not miss.

The rock formation is located 30 minutes away from the camp, but the trek has an exciting side trip before getting to Ground Zero. Along the way, you will encounter a creek that leads to the enormous Ilihan Cave.

Rappelling is also one of the activities that the nature camp offers. Glamorous camping, or glamping, is still under development. The owner, Mr. Edwin Ortiz, promises to add more activities in the camp to cater to nature enthusiasts and, at the same time, provide jobs for the locals.

Being one with nature can help improve your mental and emotional health. This coming weekend, forget the life in the city for a while and relax in the flower gardens in Cebu.

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