Adlawon Vacation Farm: The Beautiful Provincial Life

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The Adlawon Vacation Farm allows visitors to experience the simple life in the mountains of Cebu City.

Ever wanted to experience living in the countryside? Urban life has its advantages, but the simplicity of the rural areas could be more rewarding. You and a couple of your friends can try this when you drive up to the Adlawon Vacation Farm.

This 15 hectare farm stay is hidden among the mountains of the city and is accessible through the Cebu Transcentral Highway, which is known for its calming ambiance and scenery.

It houses fields of plants and vegetation, overnight rooms, recreational centers, and organic farm-to-table dishes to immerse you in provincial life. No loud streets, business centers, or distracting gadgets; just you and the great outdoors.

You will develop a deep appreciation for the outdoors at this 15 hectare farm stay.

The many trees and plants surrounding the farm bring a cool breeze that is great for a stroll in the morning, while the area is cleaner and wider than most public parks in the city.

It is devoid of noise, making it relaxing and stress-free, while the fields of plants and vegetation are the perfect backdrop for your selfies and photoshoots.

The main lodge has a restaurant that serves Filipino food favorites and renowned dishes made from farm fresh ingredients. They also have some al fresco dining seats if you want to feel the cool breeze when eating your breakfast.

Long fields and tall trees are reminiscent of the solemn and undisturbed provinces in the Philippines.

Another contribution they offer for farm tourism in Cebu are the numerous activities you can take part in. Their amusement center has darts, ring toss, and chess. You can also play some board games at the main lodge.

You can play basketball, volleyball, or something completely different, like croquet. You can also roast some marshmallows at the bonfire area.

They have a couple of sheds, cages, and ranches that house different animals, such as goats, bunnies, and their horse, Epona.

From flower farms to sports to al fresco dining, you have a lot of reasons to appreciate the great outdoors at the farm.


Entrance Fee:

  • Adult – 100
  • Children (12 and below) – 50
  • Infants (2 and below) – Free of charge

Room Rates:

  • Family Rooms (good for 2 pax w/ complimentary breakfast) – 5,000 per night
  • Cottages (good for 6 pax w/o complimentary breakfast) – 3,000 per night

Non-Watermarked photos provided by the Adlawon Vacation Farm FB Page

Restaurant Menu:



The farm is located in Barangay Adlaon on the mountainside of Cebu City, about 25 kilometers from the city proper. It will take at least an hour to get there.

You will have to pass the Cebu Transcentral Highway (also known as TCH) to get there, and there are barely any forms of public transport that will pass by the area. Your landmark at TCH should be the road that goes to The Fog House. Turn to that road and go straight until you find the entrance to the farm on the left side.


You can hail a motorcycle taxi near JY Square.

The payment will be around 250 per head, and 400 if you are all alone. You might also have to pay around 100 to 200 per hour as a waiting fee for your driver.

Operating Hours:

  • Wednesday – Sunday
    9 AM – 8 PM

We all wish we could live a simple life – free from distractions and hardships, even just for a few days. The Adlawon Vacation Farm allows you to experience that, and it makes you appreciate the little things, including your friends and family. The drive along TCH can be daunting for some, but if it’s going to be this place, it’s the perfect getaway.

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