The Most Popular Public Nature Parks in Cebu City

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Cebu Business Park, a busy nature park in uptown Cebu.

After a long day, taking a walk alongside nature would be a perfect way for you to unwind. Luckily, when you travel to the Queen City of the South, there are several options for you to relax and spend time away from your busy schedule. Nature parks are very prominent in Cebu — places where you can hang out with friends or spend time with yourself.

Public transportation is very prevalent in these areas, making it easier to get where you need to go. There are several great places for barkadas in Cebu City, with many activities to be done whether in the morning or even at night.

What are the most popular nature parks in Cebu?

Plaza Independencia

The Plaza Independencia is an ideal place to relax and have a nice walk in.

Plaza Independencia is a very popular hangout place for students and couples in downtown Cebu. Located close to other historical sites, this could be your new favorite spot in the city.

The Plaza houses a collection of artificial flowers and plants scattered around the garden, making it one of the best nature places in Cebu. You can also sit on benches to relax, or sit on the gazebo in the middle of the open space. There is also a long alleyway referred to as “Memory Lane” for you to walk, jog, or bike through if you want to.

You aren’t going to be alone in the park, though. The wide open space also allows visitors to do several physical activities. Dance practices are a common sight inside the park, and they are usually documented by visiting foreigners.

The Plaza is located in front of the famous Fort San Pedro, a staple on any Cebu field trip. This former defense structure is one of the best ways for you to learn more about the history of Cebu, especially regarding the events that took place during the war.

The park was first called “Plaza de Armas” as it was used as a training ground for soldiers. This brings a sense of mystery to the park, especially since a recent road construction near the Plaza uncovered Pre-Hispanic bones and other historical items.

Several historical monuments can also be found inside the park. A few good examples are the obelisk that commemorates Spanish navigator Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and the marker of the EDSA Revolution.

Fuente Osmeña Circle

The Fuente Osmeña Circle is located at the center of Cebu City.

Another nature park, this time found at the center of the city, is the Fuente Osmeña Circle.

The Fuente Osmeña Circle should be in any traveler’s list of places to visit in Cebu. A park with a fountain in the middle is a big contrast to the bustling traffic surrounding the iconic rotunda.

Its location allows easy access to both downtown and uptown areas, but there are also a lot of things you can do nearby. Restaurants, hotels, and shopping centres are all within walking distance of the area.

The park is named after Sergio Osmeña, a former President of the Philippines. The fountain in the middle is said to have been built for the inauguration of the city’s new water system during the early 1900s.

Events such as the Sinulog grand parade and the annual Christmas tree lighting both happen every year in this park. Mornings are ideal for jogging and resting among the trees, and during the evenings the place turns into a go-to Cebu nightlife area.

At night, the lights in the park illuminate the area, and it simply turns into a beautiful place for chilling out and relaxing.

Speaking of Cebu nightlife, the park is also within walking distance of General Maxilom Avenue, a popular area for bar-hopping staples for Cebuanos and tourists alike.

Senior Citizens Park

Though not as big, the Senior Citizens Park is still a notable nature park in the city.

Although it’s not as big as other Cebu tourist spots, the Senior Citizens Park is a much smaller alternative to the different other parks found on this list.

It is situated beside the City Hall, and it looks very similar to the Fuente Osmeña Circle. It has a round shape with only a fountain in the middle, surrounded by several benches.

Aside from the benches, one can also opt to sit on the grass and have a picnic under the shade of the trees.

The Office of Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) said that the park was supposed to be catered for seniors, but is open for everyone to enjoy.

For those who are seeking adventure, the park is also located close to the famous Carbon Market, one of the biggest ones in the city. There is also an area in front of the park which fronts the waters of the South Road Properties, ideal for those who want to have a view of the sea.

Cebu Business Park and IT Park

Aside from its many businesses, there are a few people that will jog at IT Park.

These are not nature parks per se, but they still give off a beautiful vibe of nature despite the bustling businesses around them.

CBP is still one of the go-to places for joggers and health enthusiasts thanks to its long sidewalks. There are also a bunch of tall trees and soft grass to satisfy your green thumb.

IT Park on the other hand may not be the most popular place for morning joggers, but it still gives you a lot of options when it comes to things to do in Cebu City. It also houses Sugbo Mercado, a famous night time food strip that is popular for its sing-alongs and delicious food.

Both parks also have nearby hotels and malls, like Ayala Center Cebu and Ayala Central Bloc. They may be surrounded by busy roads, but they remain subtle nature parks you have to see and visit in Cebu City.

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