Lakeview Le Jardin: Enchanting Gardens and Gourmet Delights

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Get ready to fall in love with the enchanting gardens of Lakeview Le Jardin!

Have you ever been to the mountainous areas of Cebu City? If you haven’t, you should definitely consider exploring it with friends or loved ones, especially with all the outdoor tourist destinations taking advantage of the high altitude and breathtaking views.

These locations are perfect for hiking and recreational activities. Even road trips are worth your while as you drive through the winding roads while taking in the fresh air and soothing ambiance.

To top it all off, there are several fine dining restaurants you can drop by and visit.

Botanical gardens are also accessible in these areas, with places like Buwakan ni Alejandra leaving tourists in awe because of the mesmerizing landscape and scenery. 

However, one flower garden in Cebu is particularly special for combining the popular garden aesthetic with a memorable gastronomic experience.

These beautiful flower gardens are located near the boundary of Cebu City and Balamban.

Lakeview le Jardin brings exceptional al fresco dining to one of the largest flower gardens in Cebu City’s rural area. 

Located next to Charlie’s Cup, it sits by the border of Cebu City and Balamban. This spot gives the garden an overlooking view of the city’s luscious mountains. 

It has a main flower garden, a few observation towers, a farm, a restaurant, and a cafe, all in one hectare of land. It’s also only a few minutes from the city proper and is accessible through the famous Cebu Transcentral Highway


MASSIVE Flower Garden

Several botanical gardens have become famous tourist spots in Cebu.

Renowned French gardener Jean Danielis, together with locals from the area, designed Lakeview’s expansive botanical garden, planting thousands of flowers and exotic flora.

The main flower garden has a spacious lot you can walk around in, as well as aisles in between bushes to take photos and go sightseeing. Its colorful aesthetic also makes it the perfect place for prenup shoots and leisurely walks.  

There are a dozen observation towers all around the garden for guests to get a better vantage point of the scenery or enjoy the mesmerizing view of the city’s mountain ranges.

Put on your most comfortable hiking shoes to explore every area of the garden. The place is too big for you to stay put in one area, so you should definitely walk around and experience everything the garden has to offer.

There are several picnic tables stationed under the shade of large trees if you want to relax, enjoy the scenery, or have some snacks or coffee. 

  • Livestock and Livelihood

Aside from the luscious flowers, Lakeview le Jardin is famous for being home to a dozen flora and fauna. This is a great place to bring kids who are fond of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. 

You can hear a lot of birds chirping and singing along inside their birdhouses and some cows and geese in the open grass. You may even find some bees sipping the nectar out of the different flowers in the garden.

A section of the garden is also dedicated to herbs that the establishment uses as ingredients for their food.

Scrumptious Food

The scrumptious meals at Lakeview make it one of the best fine dining restaurants in town.

At Lakeview le Jardin you can order soups, sandwiches, coffee, and a bunch of Filipino delicacies like Adobo. Most of their meals cost less than 400 Php, and you can order a ribeye steak for over 2,500 Php.

Some of their breakfast or silog meals include Chosilog, Baconsilog, and Bangusilog. Each is paired with a large cup of rice, two pieces of egg (you can choose to have them runny or well done), and sourdough bread.

The crispy french fries are served in a large bowl with a saucer of ketchup. This makes a great side dish that you can share with friends.

For dessert, you can order a variety of Filipino desserts, especially their mango float. Served in a large glass topped with chocolate chunks and mint, this sweet delicacy melts right in your mouth with an overload of flavor.

You can cleanse your palate with their menu of beverages. Try out their coffee, juices, tea, or draft beer. Their Lakebrew Iced Tea has a unique sour flavor due to the fresh citrus fused into the drink.

The restaurant also has an interesting interior design that you will definitely want to take photos of. Steel dolls, wooden pillars, and a wall of mugs give it a rustic but modern feel.

Upstairs, you will find more tables and chairs, with books and other accessories to feast your eyes on. They even have a room where they store dozens of necklaces that are for sale. 

Lakeview le Jardin offers a delightful dining experience with dishes made from freshly grown ingredients. It also boasts a photogenic atmosphere and a relaxing ambiance to help you escape the clamors of urban life. 

It isn’t too far from the city and is a great stopover when you’re on a road trip along the mountains. If you are looking to recharge while driving to Cebu Transcentral Highway, this botanical garden might be an ideal spot for you.


Exact Location: 

Transcentral Highway, Barangay Tabunan, Cebu City, Philippines

Operating Hours: 

7:30 AM – 7:00 PM

Driving Directions: 

Riding a habal-habal is the fastest way to get to the garden, costing you around 100 Php or more. One alternative is to ride a van for hire (v-hire) at Ayala Central Bloc that is bound for Tuburan. 

Tell the driver that you are headed to Lakeview le Jardin or Charlie’s Cup. They usually charge 160 Php for the trip. 

Note that public transport is not available in the area, so you may need to arrange for a taxi or vehicle to come pick you up when you’re ready to go home.

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