Charlie’s Cup, the Newest Balamban Tourist Spot to Visit!

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Charlie’s Cup is a cafe in Cebu that offers a cool and refreshing vibe thanks to its cliffside location.

The Cebu Transcentral Highway (TCH) has become one of the island’s best spots to check out the newest and most interesting cafes and restaurants with breathtaking views.

The long, winding road makes it an ideal expedition for many travelers in search of a new spot to hang out in. As such, many businesses have opened for tourists and local travelers to enjoy.

One of these is the brand new treehouse café in Balamban known as Charlie’s Cup, a perfect tourist spot to start your day!

This new tourist spot garnered massive interest online because of its beautiful aesthetic. Sitting atop a cliff in the city’s best area for sunset views is a cafe that brings outdoor dining to a whole other level.

The New Balamban Tourist Spot

This is no doubt one of the island’s best places to unwind.

Only an hour away from the city, this Balamban cafe is located along the road of the uphill neighborhood of Tabunan. For a travel fare of around 160, you can witness this brand new restaurant that everyone is gushing about.

Balamban has some of the best views, but the comfortable and cozy atmosphere differentiates Charlie’s from the other attractions. The cool breeze and colorful foliage make you one with nature, and the rustic treehouse style definitely makes it one of the most chill places in Cebu.

This Balamban tourist spot is located on a cliff with a beautiful view.

The restaurant’s appeal is perfect for al fresco dining. The tree house aesthetic offers a unique experience where you can enjoy a hefty meal and an artistic catalog of pictures.

Though most people come here in the afternoon for the sunset view, it is actually one of the best breakfast places in Cebu. Their breakfast bowls are perfect morning starters, making it an ideal stopover before you go and visit the many other tourist spots in the area.

They also have several beverages like tea and coffee for customers looking for a quick energy boost. For your sweet tooth, they also have several Filipino desserts like Suman and Brazo de Mercedes.

Charlie’s has several beverages and food items that are mostly available in a typical café in Cebu.

This café in Cebu is also known for being pet friendly. You can bring your dog, cat, or any other cute pet to this mountainside restaurant. Make sure they are leashed at all times, though, as this is one of the set rules for pets if they are to be brought inside.

The place is also great for kids since they have a little playground. There are miniature slides and karts to keep them busy. However, the café doesn’t have someone who can always look after the kids, so their safety is still your responsibility.

This Balamban café has a playground for children, and it’s also pet friendly.


Bringing your personal vehicle is the best way to get to Charlie’s since public transport is very scarce. You can use the more popular and closer route via TCH, but you can also pass by Toledo to get there. The former will let you pass by other mountainous tourist spots like the Temple of Leah, Chix Boy, and Chateau de Busay.

A motorcycle is a very popular form of transportation if you want to go to the mountains, so if you know how to drive one, that would be most preferable.

If you prefer to commute, there are vans for hire that you can ride at Ayala Center Cebu. It will cost you around 160, but you won’t be able to enjoy the relaxing climb.

You can ride a motorcycle taxi at JY Square Mall, but this is a more expensive alternative, where you might be paying around 250 per person. One motorcycle can carry two people, but if you go alone, you will have to pay the driver 400.

Charlie’s has several beverages and food items that are mostly available in a typical café in Cebu.

A drive to TCH is one of the many cheap things to do in Cebu for motorcyclists and trekkers. Located just along the road, this café would be a great morning starter.

With the interest it has gained from travel enthusiasts and foodies everywhere, Charlie’s Cup is a place worth the long drive up the mountains.

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