A Cebu Itinerary for the Best Tourist Spots in the South

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Our Cebu itinerary includes a list of fun and exciting outdoor activities.

There are around 25 towns and municipalities in south Cebu, each with their own set of delicacies, tourist attractions, and cultural landmarks. 

That being said, tourists carefully organize their Cebu itinerary, highlighting the several must-visit locales on this side of the island. 

The south is full of impressive centuries-old structures, local businesses, and natural wonders, all of which contribute to the tourism and rich culture of the Philippines. Cebu alone receives over a million tourists every year, turning the island into a powerhouse when it comes to exploring the best of the Philippines. 

Since this article will focus on the top tourist spots in the southern part of Cebu, we have created a two-day Cebu itinerary for you to make the most of your visit. 

Some locations provide activities that will get your adrenaline pumping, while others allow you to experience the remarkable side of nature.

Tourists may prefer staying within the metro because of its accessibility to businesses and transportation, but there is much more to see in the more peaceful and lowkey places on the island.


The first city in the south is Talisay, which many believe is where lechon in Cebu originated. Kick off your south Cebu trip with a hefty breakfast meal at any of the city’s lechon restaurants. 

Lechoneros start roasting their pigs at dawn to be served to hundreds of customers every day. These small eateries usually attract massive crowds of foodies looking to eat the most popular dish from Cebu.

Talisay lechon is believed to have started in the 1920s, with the Garces family matriarch, Mila Garces, reportedly making its first recipe. You can try this top secret recipe at Ruthy’s, whose lechon is said to be full of flavor even without a sauce. 

Eating lechon is a no-brainer when it comes to your Cebu itinerary, but you may be surprised to know that Talisay is not the island’s definitive lechon capital. The debate of the best suckling pig in Cebu between Talisay and Carcar still continues today


Aside from their lechon, Carcar is also famous for its decades-long footwear industry. The countryside town has its own shoe-making enterprise, earning it the moniker the Marikina of Cebu

The city has an official One Town, One Product pasalubong center, which is around 28 kilometers away from Talisay, with different kinds of reliable handcrafted footwear at very reasonable prices. 

These include high quality espadrilles, sandals, loafers, and even sneakers. 

Carcar shoe makers have operated for many years, even getting accredited by local government agencies like the Department of Tourism. If you want to explore Carcar and support its local businesses, you can go and buy yourself a pair of shoes. 


The town next to Carcar is the quiet municipality of Sibonga, which (probably unknown to some) has a successful pot-making industry. However, the main highlight of this town is considered one of the most impressive Catholic churches in the Philippines. 

The Simala Shrine, also known as Our Lady of Lindogon Parish, is a picturesque castle-like structure that welcomes millions of Catholic devotees annually to worship and pay homage to the Virgin Mary. 

The image of Mother Mary in Simala is said to be miraculous, with many parishioners lining up to touch and pray to it. Aside from this, churchgoers light color-coded candles that signify specific intentions. 

If you plan on entering the church, make sure you wear the appropriate attire to show respect for the island’s religious customs. The Philippines is primarily a Catholic country, and its churches are some of its biggest tourist attractions. 


What’s an adventure without activities like hiking, trekking, or climbing up a mountain? Not only is Osmeña Peak one of Cebu’s tallest mountains with a breathtaking view, but it’s also one of the easiest hiking trails on the island.

When you get to the top, you will be greeted by a stunning view of the countryside. You will also fall in love with the rich foliage and scenery, which many appreciate about the great outdoors. 

The countryside ambiance makes it one of the top camping destinations as well, with hikers bringing tents, sleeping bags, and supplies to have an overnight sleepover. 

You can start hiking late in the afternoon and retire for the night if you find a good spot. You might have to ask around or hire a tour guide for a safe experience exploring this magnificent mountain as part of your Cebu itinerary.


Next stop is Oslob. Around 39 kilometers away from Dalaguete, this town is home to arguably the most iconic animal species found in Cebu’s oceans. 

In Oslob, whale sharks–the world’s biggest fish species–swim up to the surface, where you can swim mere inches away from them. Whale shark watching has made Oslob a major Cebu south tourist spot, where you can see these gentle giants up close.

Take note that the Oslob operations have their fair share of controversies. Many have raised concerns about the methods used to lure the sharks up to the surface, as it risks putting them in harm’s way.

Whale shark watching is only available in the morning, and it is recommended that you go as early as you can to avoid the large crowds of tourists.


After Oslob, it’s time to head to Badian, where you can try out one of Cebu’s most popular outdoor recreational activities. 

The Kanlaob River is where adventurous travelers go through the Badian Canyoneering Adventure. Here, participants climb, jump, and trek along massive rock formations and free flowing rivers all the way to Kawasan Falls. 

Kawasan is arguably the most popular waterfall system in the country, with three levels of soothing freshwater. The springs and pools are extremely relaxing, making them the perfect spot to cap off your southern Cebu journey.


These are just a few places that highlight why Cebu is such a popular tourist destination. From food crawls and historic places to trekking and swimming with the world’s biggest fish, there is indeed a lot to explore and experience in south Cebu!

Take notes from our article and customize your Cebu itinerary for an authentic Cebuano experience. 

Hit the road and take a trip to the peaceful countryside of south Cebu!

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