Badian Canyoneering: An Exciting Adventure at Kawasan Falls

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You definitely won't regret adding Badian canyoneering to your Cebu itinerary.

The Philippines has some of the world’s most breathtaking natural wonders. A Badian canyoneering adventure is the perfect activity to prove it.

Located in south Cebu, you will be exploring the deepest jungles of the countryside to traverse natural terrain surrounded by stunning rock formations and free-flowing rivers. 

It starts with a visit to the country’s most popular waterfall, the Kawasan Falls

Badian canyoneering consists of several canyon climbing and cliff jumping.

Badian canyoneering is an extremely physical activity that involves cliff jumping, hiking, swimming, and even cave diving, all of which will boost the adrenaline of any adventure seeker. 

It works perfectly as both an exciting workout and outdoor excursion. 

Many tourists specifically go to Badian to try out this famous activity, and it’s a fan-favorite in any south Cebu itinerary. 


The activity lasts for 3 to 4 hours at the heart of Kawasan Falls.

To start with, look for a reliable tour operator offering a Cebu canyoneering tour. You can do this online or when you get to Badian. There are around 20 of them around town, with their offices strategically located near Kawasan Falls. 

The activity starts after you sign a waiver and get an assessment of whether you are physically fit to go on the full tour. Tour operators may bar you from joining if you have heart or respiratory problems, or are pregnant even for the first few weeks.  

They will give you helmets and life jackets for protection, as there may be debris from trees and other structures. 

The tour guides will also provide you with a pair of hiking shoes with excellent traction for stepping on the rocks. You can bring your own hiking sandals, but make sure they’re not brand new, as they can be a bit slippery. You can break them in before going on your Badian canyoneering tour.

Participants are then brought to the activity center, where they are briefed about what to expect throughout the tour. You will also have a few snacks, water, and bags to keep your devices safe and dry. 

Once everything is set, you will get on a zipline to a mountain directly across. That is where you will have the first part of the canyoneering tour: a ten-minute trek around nature, with lots of trees and greenery. 

If you don’t want to go on the zipline, you can walk across instead. Take note that this will take around 45 minutes. The path will lead you straight to the first activity at the Kanlaob River. 

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This picturesque natural wonder has crystal blue waters and fascinating rock formations that will make you admire nature at its best.

Here, participants will take a short cliff jump. Don’t worry though, as the guides will happily demonstrate how this is done or assist you if necessary.  

Jumping is not mandatory, as you can also climb down the rock formation. 

You then proceed to the second obstacle, where you go down head first on a natural water slide. This is less extreme compared to a cliff jump, but it can still be intimidating for first timers.

The guides will then ask you and your companions to form a line as you head on to the next area. This is a more relaxing part of the Badian canyoneering tour where you can just bask in the beautiful scenery. 

The third obstacle is another short cliff jump, but there’s a twist. Participants are to stand by the edge while the guides find creative ways to push them down. 

Arguably the most interesting part of the activity is the cave dive where you swim through a tunnel filled with fascinating stalactites and rock formations.

The water here is pretty deep, so you will have to swim to move from one area to the next. 

You will then go on another short trek, where you will find a few food stalls near a cliff. You and your companions can take a quick break to rest and recharge before moving on to the next activity. 

Along the way you will also find small convenience stores selling snacks if you want to have something lighter. You can list down the things you bought and pay at the operator’s office later on in case you didn’t bring any cash with you.

After the short trek, you will then reach the last part of the Badian canyoneering tour: a 10-meter jump to the Kabukalan Spring. Unfortunately, operators will have to cancel this if the water is not deep enough. 

You can still enjoy the spring’s cold waters, which are clean enough to drink and bathe in. The Kabukalan Spring is also part of Badian’s main attraction.  


There are several outdoor recreational activities you can enjoy on a canyoneering tour.

The spring is on the third level of Kawasan Falls, which is the last area you will be traversing during the tour. This serves as a place where you can cool down after the strenuous activities of the Badian canyoneering experience. 

There are massive pools of water if you want to go for a relaxing swim. On the third level, you will find special features like a makeshift diving board and a free flowing shower. 

You will have to go on short treks in between each tier of the waterfalls, but this is less strenuous since the road is better paved. The trek will lead you deeper into the jungle, where you may encounter bats and monkeys. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t any lights to aid you in making your way to the exit. If you are not comfortable trekking the jungle in the dark, it may be best to start your Badian canyoneering experience early.

If you go to Badian just to witness the Kawasan Falls, you don’t have to get involved in any of the outdoor recreational activities that are part of a regular canyoneering tour. You can go straight to the first level of the falls, which you can access from the highway, through a road right next to the town’s church. 

The 3 to 4 hour trek is definitely a worthwhile experience for adrenaline junkies and even for those who have never gone canyoneering. Not only do you get to participate in thrilling activities, but you’ll also fall in love with the natural wonders of this famous attraction in Cebu.

Tag along with your friends and have a memorable canyoneering adventure that you can only experience in Badian!

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