New and Improved Kawasan Falls Reopens: 2023 Updates

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Kawasan Falls, one of Cebu’s biggest tourist spots, opened to the public in October. (Photo courtesy of Department of Tourism - Central Visayas TISP)

Kawasan Falls is arguably Cebu’s biggest tourist attraction.

The turquoise water and picturesque outdoor surroundings of this three-tier waterfall system create the perfect backdrop for adventurers and adrenaline junkies alike.

Unfortunately, it temporarily suspended operations for renovations in 2023 after government officials found hazardous areas and structures destroying the picturesque view.

The town of Badian lost millions of pesos during the closure, and around 40 operators and 700 local guides were directly affected, as reported by Sunstar Cebu.

(Photo courtesy of Department of Tourism - Central Visayas TISP)

However, after four grueling months, locals and tourists can finally experience the marvelous Philippine attraction in all its glory.

The Cebu provincial government, headed by Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, has allowed Kawasan Falls to reopen on October 26, 2023.

Not only can visitors expect to take part in canyoneering, but they can also enjoy the newly installed infrastructure in place to improve the overall experience.

It’s still the same waterfall system we know and love, only with more features to improve it as a tourist destination.

So, what can we expect at the new Kawasan Falls?


(Photo courtesy of Department of Tourism - Central Visayas TISP)

Kawasan Falls is famous for its breathtaking attraction and of course, canyoneering.

This is one of the best things to do in Cebu, as only a few places offer it. Participants climb, jump, and move around the waterfall’s massive rock formations.

While you can relax in between, you can also opt for an enjoyable workout that has become so popular that it is currently Badian’s biggest income source.

Participants are accompanied by tour guides, who are well-trained not only to traverse the different areas of the falls, but also to support and encourage those on the trail.

(Photo courtesy of Department of Tourism - Central Visayas TISP)

During the renovation, tour guides participated in five days worth of training under the Department of Tourism. Governor Garcia emphasized that this was necessary to promote them into better tourism ambassadors.

Kawasan canyoneering costs Php 1,500 per visitor, with Php 1,300 going to tour operators, and Php 200 going to the municipal government.

You can also book a tour when staying at one of the many resorts and hotels in town.If you want to experience Kawasan Falls without the canyoneering tour, the new entrance fee is at Php 200 per person.


The renovation focused on the possible harmful areas for canyoneering participants as well as the illegally built structures in the easement area.

These abandoned structures destroyed the view for the waterfall and the canopy of the Matutinao river. This also violated threshold restrictions along river banks, as provided by the Water Code of the Philippines.

Several of the structures were destroyed after the onslaught of Typhoon Rai in December 2021, causing metallic spikes to scatter around the area. These too need to be cleaned up to ensure the safety of participants.

Aside from this, the provincial government and its health organizations needed to check the water flowing from a nearby dam along the trail, which they described as “life-threatening.”


(Photo courtesy of Department of Tourism - Central Visayas TISP)

The municipal government added a few quality of life changes within the waterfall system, such as passageways, bridges, and viewing decks.

This gives participants more things to do and a more convenient means to traverse the different tiers.

Going up and down the rock formations can be a bit difficult for some, so these new structures will definitely be a big help.

Aside from this, the town planned several sustainable projects to continue its many eco-diversity projects within the waterfalls.

They also mentioned their plans to improve their tourism center to accommodate the number of tourists expected going forward.

One of the biggest waterfalls in the Philippines is back to offer its world-class outdoor recreational activity, with improvements that will definitely enhance your experience.

Kawasan Falls is expecting many more tourists in the coming months, but it isn’t too late to jump in on the hype. You can book a Kawasan canyoneering tour package online or on site.

With that, you’re sure to have an incredible adventure during your stay in Cebu!

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